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One of respect.

Good for him. Always classy to see people respect political opponents.


Not only is Al Sharpton’s daughter, Dominique, suing the city of New York for a sprained ankle, but she stupidly posted recent photos of herself hiking in Indonesia.

For spraining her ankle while wearing high heels.

Wait, Sharpton’s a racist?

How many times after a killing has the media rushed to blame conservatives for gun laws, or political pamphlets that mentioned the word “targeting” as a clear indication that conservative politicians were asking for the killing to occur?

Now there are dead cops, and just a few weeks ago, Al Sharpton was leading a protest through New York that was chanting “What do we want? Dead Cops!” And what Sharpton finds reprehensible about the situation is not the death of the cops, but anyone trying to mention the cop killing in conjunction with the names of Eric Garner or Michael Brown.

While Sharpton, Obama, Holder, the media, et al. are not personally responsible for this killing or any of the numerous other cop killings and violence we’ve seen the mobs they’ve led commit, they’ve been feeding a narrative that’s entirely a lie and we’ve got clear evidence leads to violence and murder. It is long past time for the public discourse to demand that they answer hard questions about the crimes the movement they’re goading is committing.

Disgusting and race-baiting.

Meanwhile, his department is still pursuing justice for the only white-on-black instance of the knockout game that’s ever occurred, while ignoring every other instance of the crime, and has from the get-go ignored crimes committed by minorities.

If you’re a Democrat Nobel-Prize winning economist – nothing. There are no conclusions to be drawn from data you dislike.

If you’re one of the Democrats or media hacks that’s run or supported the one-party rule of Detroit for the last 60 years, it’s obvious that this is due to Republican policies, and is exactly what they’re aiming for with the rest of the country with their small-government policies.

If you’re one of the race-hustlers who have also been near the top of the food-chain in Detroit for decades, the solution is the same snake oil it always has been, and the thing to focus on right now is continued outrage over Trayvon Martin.

If you’re one of the Obama-worshipers who bought the notion that Romney was going to take the city into bankruptcy but Obama was going to save it, the bankruptcy can’t happen because such a thing would disgrace Obama’s holy name. Besides, Obama did save the city. At least through that all important election. Now those votes are no longer needed.

If you’re one of the union members who have been bleeding the city dry for decades through your elected crony politicians, the money has moved away. You may no longer be able to retire at 50, there literally is no more money.

If you’re one of the rest of us: this is a clear warning of what happens when a government overspends and tries to run an economy instead of just letting business flourish, and a clear example of where Democrats’ policies are taking not just Detroit, but California and the rest of the country.

There have been plenty of beatings in the past couple of weeks over George Zimmerman. Now there are murders, as well.

And here’s audio of him saying the “N” word, “Greek Homos”, “Chinamen”, and “Crackers”.

Al Sharpton: Tax Cheat

Oh look, another lefty populist who thinks that the high taxes he calls for shouldn’t apply to him.

Don’t trust him with anything.

Al Sharpton. Unbelievable. You can’t make this stuff up.