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Preached at mosques.


And the perp is a lefty activist.

So, exactly as everyone on the right suspected, and exactly not the right-wing anti-semite everyone on the left was certain was behind it.

And now the media has suddenly gone quiet about it, of course.

Apparently certain categories of hate that fit the agenda are perfectly fine.

It never really goes away, just quiets down for periods, and then comes back.

That’s the appropriate way to describe Code Pink, as you can see again and again.

And remember, this is an organization that Obama meets with, right after they’ve been meeting with terrorists and inviting them to help cleanse the U.S.!

His community blog is filled with anti-semitic rantings. Just like it was during the election. Somehow it keeps cropping up and no one puts a stop to it. almost as if it doesn’t really bother them…

He has an adviser who calls for shooting down Israeli jets. Just another Obama associate who’s somehow incredibly anti-semitic while Obama is pure and goodhearted, right?

Like anti-semitism. After all, he’s tolerated it for 20 years in church, why shouldn’t he tolerate it in his administration?

Good For Him

The Pope doesn’t put up with anti-semitism. He walked out an a Muslim judge in the middle of an anti-semitic rant.

At least if you go by what they actually successfully accomplish.