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Bill de Blasio is walking back on his commitment to honor Puerto Rican political terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera, whom Obama pardoned – just like Clinton’s pardoning of some of Obama’s terrorist friends, who are now helping organize the Antifa political violence.




He can’t even tolerate other world leaders mentioning the problem, so he has to censor them. You can’t confront a problem you can’t even talk about.

Funny how little the media seemed to care about that.

And no, it’s not a witch hunt.

Across the board.

It’s almost like Obama’s promise to raise taxes even if it makes the economy worse and government gets less money “for purposes of fairness”.

About Obama’s Muslim-ness (Or Not)

Yeah, there’s a lot of reasons to believe he might be one, especially when you compound that with everything about Valerie Jerrett. But I don’t believe he is – I think he’s a typical politician who doesn’t believe in much other than the accumulation of his own power, and the achievement of his own ideals. But I do believe that his ideals are shaped from a cultural heritage of growing up with Muslims and Communists – which Valerie Jerrett did as well.

Case in point: I’ve had discussions with modern American Muslims who were perfectly reasonable politically except for an irrationality of the Israel-Palestine situation where they couldn’t even denounce Palestinian’s deliberate targeting of orphanages and kindergartens. It’s a cultural bias that shaped their lens of the world, regardless of how devout they were.

Barack Obama.

With a picture of Barack Obama doing something. Crass.

Fox News is trying to make folks made at folks at the top or folks at the bottom.

Flying Air Force One down to the everglades to give a speech on why we need to do as he says, not as he does.

That must be it. His smoking habit had nothing to do with it.

This is the sort of world-endangering pettiness that Obama engages in over personality conflicts with leaders who he doesn’t like.

Somehow we’re supposed to be angry at the 47 Republican senators for sending a letter to Iran, when only last week it was wrong for Giuliani to question the patriotism of Obama. But of course, the rules are always one way. Now the left has launched a huge petition for Obama to charge them with treason under the Logan act.

So how do any of those petition signers feel about Obama’s senatorial actions during his presidential election of contacting Iran personally? That was much closer to being a Logan act violation.

Anyhow, absolutely everyone signing the petition or who thinks that the Senate letter was inappropriate is not only tools of the media, they’re utterly failing to recognize that, even by Obama’s own words, congress is an equal branch of government with an equal say in the approval of treaties.

As it would be built on a public park.

He had very specific intelligence as to the location of the American hostages ISIS held – but refused to authorize any rescue action.

They just released a koranic justification for burning the Jordanian pilot to death.

Oh, and Obama’s response to the incident was to push Obamacare.

Which has a 53,611 gallon fuel tank.

Just a reminder, Democrat opposition to drilling in ANWR is based entirely on voter ignorance, as it’s utterly ridiculous: ANWR is larger than Nebraska, and the plan is to replace an existing military base the size of an airport with a drilling facility. The “extremely fragile” wildlife are not going to be affected – Democrats just hate the idea of cheap energy, energy independence, and good jobs.

An interesting thought, and he does have family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

But this sort of thing certainly isn’t a new thought. Someone who loves something doesn’t promise to “fundamentally transform” it as soon as they can.

The Latest Obamacare Tax

The need for anyone using it to suddenly hire tax accountants.