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They just brought in Eric Holder’s law firm to advise on it.

Somehow I don’t think they’re trying to stop it.



As they hire Glenn Thrush.

We know what he meant.


Some journalists, such as Politico’s Ken Vogel file their stories with the DNC before their own editors.

And there was plenty of other media collusion revealed in the DNC hacks as well.

Almost like they were only using using the situation to try to punish Republicans.

Funny how they bury facts that are inconvenient to them.

Interviews with anti-euthanasia advocates.

That’s a good sign.

Because they’re not Democrat, right?

That’s why the first Latin(o/a) judge is Sotomayor and not Cardozo.

What Media Bias?

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes thinks there is none. The number of top journalists and news executives married to Obama administration officials is nothing to be concerned about and doesn’t affect journalistic integrity. Nor did Journolist.

The history of the pantsuit in D.C., and Hillary.

When test results are anonymized, boys do better than they currently do.

You know that’s true. I’ve written about this deranged bigotry before, and the latest Obama summit and state department initiatives are displaying it in full force:

Obama’s administration is covering their ears and shouting as loud as they can to avoid mentioning the word “Islam” so much that it’s gotten to the point of blatant ridiculousness apparent even to their own party. And they’re so deranged and biased that somehow they can proclaim¬†theological expertise on Islam and that this isn’t Islam, but simultaneously proclaim that violence committed a thousand years ago was Christian.

Michelle Obama’s staff is 100% female.¬†

No hiring bias there.

Even though they pay higher than some of the others on the list.

Not a single conservative book found on the top 50 schools’ freshman reading lists.

There’s not even a pretense of diversity of thought, is there?

At least, in the northern, Liberal, “tolerant” states.

Illustrated. Get your Republican representative to present a bill on your behalf, and then smear him by claiming the bill is his.

Don’t get me wrong, all violence is concerning, but it’s incredibly telling of the biases of the Obama administration that the violence they’re worried about is the extremely small minority of violence that’s Christian -> Muslim instead of the other way around.