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Or at least, they’re trying to, via a device that users would install in their car.

I wonder if the program will even make it a week before we see it abused by government officials in some way?


About the impact of the NSA’s spying.

Bruce Schneier is awesome to follow on security and big brother-ish topics.

Attacks using decoy cell towers.

Congress at least seems to believe otherwise.

Shredded the constitution by authorizing the NSA to continue collecting “nonpublic” data.

Interception will simply become a standard component.

Someone leaked the latest rev of the Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty that crony bureaucrats around the world keep on trying to develop in secret, and once again it’s filled with requirements for big brother surveillance over the internet, at the express request of Hollywood and the music racketeers.

As Instapundit points out, if Republicans actually made a stink about this, they could go a long way towards helping millennials realize that Democrats are not the party of social freedom that they’re oftentimes considered to be.

Not being able to report to the public about surveillance requests is an unconstitutional¬†“prior restraint” on free speech.

The U.S. Navy.

Good…I think we’ve erred too much on the security vs. liberty side of things. Especially when you hear about the secret threats our government has been making against private companies to get them to turn over their data.

What’s the point of being a government worker if you can’t leech off the privacy of the citizenry?

And they’re lawyers. This should be fun.

The U.S. Marshalls raided a police office in Florida to seize documents regarding a surveillance program called Stingray before they got turned over to the ACLU.

So… Who actually believes that Stingray was constitutional and above the board?

Crony Big Brother

Literally and figuratively.

NSA Taking Over Botnets

Not really a surprise. But instead of shutting them down, they’re using them for their own purposes. Which means they’re liable for the damage they cause you.

It’s also been useless, so far.

They announced they would stop the program a couple of months ago. But until then, they indiscriminately scanned license plates without any convention on the use or security of the data, and repeatedly failed to act on the valid criminal information they turned up – stolen vehicles and such. So what was the point of the program? Was it for anything other than increasing police power over the masses?

Court rules that cellphone location data in the state requires a warrant.

Bruce Schneier’s solution to the flagrant violations of our liberties that the NSA is engaged in.

He’s right. It would preserve the security they’re trying to give us, while granting us back many of our liberties. And refocusing their code-breaking to making everything more secure is also a great idea.

Attorney-client privilege.

The NSA is sharing their intelligence data with agencies like the DEA, and training those agencies to come up with alternative explanations for how they got it. And completely violating the constitution of the data that law enforcement is allowed to bring to bear against people in trial.