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Bill de Blasio is walking back on his commitment to honor Puerto Rican political terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera, whom Obama pardoned – just like Clinton’s pardoning of some of Obama’s terrorist friends, who are now helping organize the Antifa political violence.



Remember once upon a time Obama claimed he only knew Bill Ayers from working on the same school board as him? Now news is coming out that he’s been going to parties with Ayers and Dohrn.

It’s also a sign of how little Obama cares about maintaining his image for electability anymore. Now he’s free to be who he always was – like taking selfies while American hostages are beheaded.

But they will Bill Ayers.


Yet more evidence that our president’s starting ‘qualification‘ was just his association with a Marxist terrorist.

Obama’s pal Bill Ayers is being paid to speak at a community college.

Unlike the Tsarnaev brothers.

Well, that’s certainly how the left treats it.

Just another terrorist Democrats seem to have no problem with.

It seems Obama hasn’t distanced himself from Bill Ayers so much after all.

Today is May Day, also international Marxism day – which means it’s the day we should also remember the 80-100 Million people killed in the name of communism. Far, far more than killed for anything else.

The frightening and tragic thing is that the left still celebrates Marxism, after all this time – hence the name “international Marxism day”. Even though the tragedies are still continuing even in “benign” communist locations such as China. It’s also extremely telling that today is the day that the occupiers are choosing to resume their activitiesand advocate for further violence. In other words, the philosophies that led to the absolutely worst atrocities of the last century are still very much alive in the modern left.


Even though Democrats have cleared him and Obama “admires him for his work in education”. The guy is still a terrorist, and they willingly associate with him – and who knows how closely when not in public.

Obama just appointed someone else with a connection to Ayers and radicalism to a position of power.

The State Of The American Left:

For $2500 you too can have a dinner with Weather Underground members and unrepentent Democrat terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn!

Wonderful. What other political bombshells about our radical, anti-American president do you think would have kicked Obama out of the 2008 race if the media had done any digging rather than constantly covered up his past?

Friends With Terrorists

How can the left provide any sort of security for America against terrorism when they’re friends with (or are) so many of them?

Those are all just concrete examples of recent news items that point out the ties between liberals and terrorists. Even disregarding those ties, there are many other ways liberals support terrorism and oppression around the world. As Tony Blair just pointed out in a recent speech, the media is putting the entirety of the western world in a position where the Islamists have us outmaneuvered – and progressive political actions reinforce that position. The media refuse to report on the radical positions of the Islamists who want to impose shariah on our societystarting with Ground Zero. In fact, the media is so supportive of the ground zero mosque, they’re literally more in favor of it than the Arab street is. Simultaneously, they also censor mention of anything that could possibly remotely offend Islamists, remain silent when braver journalists than themselves must go into hiding for fear of their lives, and deliberately mis-attribute anything opposed to the Islamofascist agenda as coming from their ideological opponentswho they’re all to willing to smear. Academics are just as in love with the Islamists, and when you consider that Obama is one of those far-left academics, it’s no surprise the politics we’ve seen from him on the subject. He treats Israel as the villain, and then seeks to deny the very real communications that he has actually had with them. And he remains absolutely silent on the continuing human rights abuses and tragedies in the Arab world that now only Israel stands up for.

Shirley Sherrod Update:

So she’s not as much of a racist as it initially appeared. Instead, she’s a marxist with radical left terrorism ties – similar to Obama. Now the left is apologizing to her. So how’d she get her job in the first place?

Obama sure does pay a lot of attention to Fox News, doesn’t he?

“Peace” Activists

Yeah, right. And don’t think they didn’t want a media outrage for everyone to see. Now world outrage can once again be spun at Israel – already they have a stormed embassy. The blame for all of this lies entirely with the Liberal thugs and terrorist enablers of the flotilla, and entirely not with Israel. Although I’m sure the entire left will see it the other way.

By the way, Jodie Evans and Bill Ayers were among the “Peace” activists.

From the Ayers’ postman.

As it was theorized during the election. So there is more than a passing acquaintance between Obama and Ayers, although some think he’s playing conservatives.