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Bill de Blasio is walking back on his commitment to honor Puerto Rican political terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera, whom Obama pardoned – just like Clinton’s pardoning of some of Obama’s terrorist friends, who are now helping organize the Antifa political violence.



In other words, actual evidence of a foreign party buying a candidate, and Democrats were defending the situation.

Observation Of The Day:

Many liberals seem far more perturbed by Bill Clinton meeting Loretta Lynch than by anything Hillary has done.

That’s because they don’t mind the crimes their politicians have committed, only the inconvenience when they’re caught.

At least 26, many without his secret service detail.

Yet another reason another Democrat probably belongs in prison.

Bill Cosby And Bill Clinton

Will the Clintons return the money Cosby donated to their foundation?

And isn’t it amazing how easily you could simply replace which Bill was on the cover of the New York Post front page? Meanwhile, Bill Clinton continues to show how the left doesn’t actually care about women when they get in the way of their heroes and narrative.

Trump Calls Out NBC’s Spin

Don’t say “alleged” when it’s not alleged.

A satire site in Ireland has been writing satire about what would happen in a parallel universe where corruption was actually punished for one Irish politician, Dennis O’Brien, who’s got ties to the Clinton Foundation, and it’s corruption.

Yeah, he’s forced them to remove the articles, but they’ve done so publicly enough that people are looking it up, and everything is of course cached forever on the internet.

He was a guest to the island. Along with Bill Clinton.

The non-prosecution clause that’s been protecting them looks like it’s going to get overturned.

Wait, what?

Who was constantly billed for “massages”.

It seems they’re ending his career. And I’m okay with that, if he really did commit the crime. But why didn’t similar circumstances end the careers of Roman Polanski, Bill Clinton, or Ted Kennedy?

It’s almost as if Liberals don’t care about rape when the rapist is a liberal.

Media Sycophants

Keith Olbermann apologized to Clinton during his administration for his network’s harsh coverage.

Clearly an upstanding member of the fourth estate who believes journalists are responsible for keeping government clean.

They were in debt after the White House, and needed the money to pay off their numerous homes and for Chelsea’s college funds.

The hard life of the political class.

Old Monica Lewinsky sex tape to Bill Clinton surfaces, to further highlight the Democrats’ war on women.

Bill Clinton: Father Of The Year

Really. Of the many things that can be said about Bill Clinton, upstanding family man isn’t one that’s said except as a punchline.

Oh, and apparently one of the previous award winners is John Edwards.

Ladies and Gentlemen, “The Aristocrats!” “Democrats!”

Clinton Vs. Obama

Amusing. And though I don’t agree with Bill Clinton on much, I find it interesting that he thinks the same thing I do: we’ve been treated for the last four years to a completely ideologically driven amateur hour of a presidency.

The Akin Mess

A few days ago Rep. Akin said something completely stupid about rape. Now, it’s completely outrageous how much of a double standard there is on sexual assault issues – Bill Clinton, Minnesota Democratic Rep. Kerry Gauthier currently caught with underage boys, all the wishing of rape onto Sarah Palin and Republicans in general – but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s there. His comment gives the left – the side that portrays women as nothing more than giant vaginas that Republicans don’t respect – exactly the ammo they’ve been dying for to continue to harp solely on how all Republicans want to control women through their abortion choiceseven more so because Democrats try and control women over everything else. It’s the only issue they have that’s even moderately successful at distracting from their abysmal position on the economy and our crushing national debt, and he’s handed it to them on a silver platter. That’s why more than anything else he’s got to go, and no, it’s not the media or Democrats who want him out – they’re spending serious money to keep him in the race. Conservative activists, leaders, political activists, party leaders and organizations, Romney – these are the people who want him out.

Bill Clinton.