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They would take a recession that hurt millions of Americans if it meant they could get power back.

In other words, they don’t wish the best for all of us, only for them.


Milo certainly needs to answer to conservatives for his viewswhich he is doing – but it’s also worth noticing a few things about what happened:

Lefties Who At Least Kind Of Get It

Seth Macfarlane, Bill Maher, and Jonathon Pie.

Whereas most of the rest of the left is descending into a state of cognitive dissonance where they double down on their hatred and sense of self-righteous superiority.

Wow. Of course, he doesn’t seem to mind the other conservative targeting that MSNBC engages in.

First of all, this is yet another case where you can see that the left is literally in all-out war with conservatives, and doesn’t believe there are any rules to war. The current calls to remove Rush from the air are not to raise the level of discourse, they’re merely trying to smear, silence, and intimidate the conservative movement, and portray us as the extremists. And get them fired and hounded in as McCarthy-like a way as possible. Notice that it’s completely unacceptable to call (liberal) women any names – they’re delicate lillies that can’t take it when it comes from a conservative – but are strong under all other circumstances. Oh – and this is the same crowd that is even now marching “to take back the slut label” (as long as it’s not a conservative who calls them that). Notice that they refuse to condemn Liberal hosts who have called conservative women not only sluts but cµnts, whores, and tw4ts, trying to claim that the language isn’t as bad, or that you can’t try and make a comparison between Rush Limbaugh and Bill Maher. And Obama seems to have no problem explaining the language that his side uses to his daughters – or at least using the money from Maher. And other Liberal pundits who would now like to condemn Rush are finding it hard to claim that all the things they’ve ever said weren’t misogynistic.

Oh, and apparently attacks on politician’s families are fair game again.

Bill Maher, racist, calls Gingrich’s wife a Martian.

Of course, Bill Maher is a Democrat and the person he was referring to was Herman Cain, so there won’t be any negative ramifications to Maher.

I say we start Google bombing every two timing media head/Democrat who says anything that they would flay a conservative for saying. I am completely fed up with the double standards.