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Yup. That just happened. Although it could be a giant troll, of course.


Which puts a whole ‘nother angle on the birther issue. Is Obama a birther?

Birth Certificate Followup

Even now some are questioning the authenticity of the document. There are more important things to focus on, people. There always were. If you really want to get rid of the president, go after his dubious Chicago connections, or any of his questionably legal actions as President.

Meanwhile, guess which networks spent more time covering the birth certificate issue than any others? Is it possible the whole issue was primarily a tactic to paint the president’s opponents as wingnuts? Yes.

All of this isn’t to say that Barack Obama doesn’t have an interesting background. It’s extremely interesting, more so given that the press has so actively tried to hide so much of it. If what we know of Barack Obama’s background had really been trumpeted around by the media, I seriously doubt he could have been elected.