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In other words, a fair amount of Christian literature.


In Gardena, California the authorities did their job. And the shooting didn’t happen. And therefore it didn’t make the news.

The projected cost is now $77 billion, or $201 million per mile.

This man has spent more than $1 million just trying to get approval to turn a laundromat he owns into an apartment building. And still they want to study if the laundromat is “historical”.

Do you think we’d be hearing this all over the news if California voted Republican?

Officially becoming a sanctuary state.

It’s amazing how the left wants laws to control every aspect of our lives, and yet doesn’t want the law to actually be respected.

There’s no plans for how they’re going to pay for it, and the price tag is bigger than their existing budget.

It’s blind ideology over reality.

Utterly ridiculous. Bring back tar and feathers for all public officials involved.

Worth reading.

About The Oroville Crisis:

Maybe California should fix their dams before trying to spend billions on a high speed train?

I say do it, then.

Go for it!

They’ve had years of drought, and now they get enough rain to overflow their reservoirs and they send the excess back to the ocean instead of to the farmers’ fields they cut off.

And judges rightly smack them down. It’s ludicrous this got even as far as it did.

This is why we should bring back tar and feathering.

Another corrupt Democrat, Isadore Hall. Hilarious.

But Democrats will continue to claim that there’s no such thing as voter fraud that would require voter IDs to stop.

In California.

The almond boom has been a huge financial success, drastically reduced the amount of illegal immigration for California farm labor, cut down on the use of pesticides and fungicides…and of course the left hates it. They’ve chosen it as a scapegoat for their own water management failures.

And why drivers for those companies shouldn’t be treated like employees but instead independent contractors.

Lyft and Uber demonstrate the most obvious difference between Democrat and Republican philosophies. Democrats are all railing against the companies and trying to shut them down – they don’t┬álike people earning money or paying for services without a cut for their cronies and themselves.

Of course. When was a government program ever even as expensive as initially projected? And California is happy to make the taxpayers cough up the money. After all, you’ve got to pull money to those Teacher’s Unions cronies somehow.