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The true minimum wage is always zero, surprise surprise.


Sexual violence is acceptable because ignorance of the law is allowed when your culture says so.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just said that people coming into Canada need to respect the law and follow immigration rules.

Wow, so hateful.

Because he was one of their citizens and they didn’t protect him from U.S. capture.


Why aren’t they trying to move to Mexico? That seems racist.

If they seriously try and do so, they’ll discover that most countries have much tougher immigration laws than we do.

It’s not just the thousands of jobs he’s ended up costing, or the fact that now the oil will just get hauled at greater cost and environmental cost via trains (which lines Warren Buffett’s pockets) – now we’ve also rejected Canadian oil while encouraging the Iranians to get their oil to market.

Looks impressive. I like it. It’s long past time the fact that communism killed at least 100 million got some public attention.

Interception will simply become a standard component.

They fashioned spears out of flagpoles and got ready to charge.

That’s the right sort of reaction.

Trying to defend Muslim girls from honor killings in Canada? Racist.

But only because they don’t broadcast enough Canadian-produced content.


They were going to use the trains for something, but details haven’t been too forthcoming.

If the Democrats around me in Massachusetts have taught me anything, it’s that we have to avoid rushing to a conclusion as to the motive.

And gets rid of their pennies.

Once upon a time we got rid of all our coins that had purchasing power up to the modern dime.

Keystone Pipeline Issue Back Up

And this time Obama doesn’t have an electorate to worry about with it. But hey, apparently Americans want high gas prices and don’t want jobs or Canada paying us to move oil.


Where thieves make off with millions from the strategic maple syrup reserve.

Our Ridiculous Energy Policies

The New York Times is noting that for some reason our dependence on Saudi oil is going up, and the Obama administration, fearful of the rising gas prices, is again planning on releasing oil from the strategic reserves for the sole purpose of driving down gas prices – selling off something meant for our military security to buy a few votes just so he can continue to thwart the U.S. and Canadian oil industries, which would happily lower our oil prices if we only let them drill and develop.

Thanks to persistent government policies to slow down the economy.

But of course it’s racist to point that out, right? If only there was some sort of oil boom our something we could exploit.

But don’t worry, soon our healthcare will be just like theirs.