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That’s very interesting.



It figured out that the strain of leukemia a woman had was a very particular strain.


The FDA. Sadly, this doesn’t surprise me. And I bet class action lawsuits are a close second, because we don’t have a loser pays system.

But that’s because we’ve stopped testing for it and are therefore not detecting it.

So that he can hold a press conference there.

He’s a man of the people.

Sounds extremely promising.

With no hereditary or environmental cause.

I wonder if that will help finding a prevention.

This sounds promising.

It could be a reality in the next couple of years.

Very innovative.

Hopefully leading to new treatments.


Like so many of the rest of the “anti-war” crowd, she wasn’t anti-war, she was on the other side.


Excellent. The primary cause is the drop in fatality from prostate cancer, but progress has been made on a lot of the other cancers, as well.

Very neat idea. I wonder though where the tradeoff is between testing effectiveness and just starting a course of treatment immediately.

And it has nothing to do with government or Obamacare.

They’re not even pretending at honesty anymore. These past couple of weeks we’ve seen the “Mitt Romney is a felon and a murderer because some guy said it and we can’t prove he’s not” claims, statements that Romney will force seniors into the streets, ads that he wants to ban all abortion even in the case of incest and rape, prostitution smears against Romney donors, charges that Republicans want to contaminate the water, and one incredible ad blaming Romney for a steelworker’s wife’s cancer death that even the media says is outrageous. Oh, and Bain at the time was run by one of Obama’s top bundlers (not Romney), the wife still had insurance, the plant worker was offered a Bain buyout, and the ad was made with illegal coordination between Obama and his SuperPAC, except that now the White House is trying to claim they knew nothing of this man’s story (despite having heard it before and already featuring him in two commercials). And through all of this, the media is of course also claiming that Romney is the candidate who’s running dishonest ads, not vetting his sources, and is the lying candidate.

For oncology, the increased amount we spend gives increased results.

But that goes against the narrative.

It turns out it should be called fallopian cancer.