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Which oppresses them how?


They chose the politically-incorrect Chick-fil-A as the new on-campus restaurant. So the vote had to be thrown out, and re-done without Chick-fil-A as a candidate.

Over Chick-fil-A. But at least he realized it and apologized.

Hate Crimes In The Name Of Tolerance

The anti- Chick-fil-A crowd can’t even see the hypocrisy of their own hate crimes.

Expressing an opinion apparently counts as discrimination now.

Meanwhile, the “tolerance” this goon displayed on camera has resulted in him losing his job.

Even here in Massachusetts people are showing they’re sick of liberal fascism.

Apparently, to Mayor Menino, it’s proper to deny a business a license to operate in the city if the business owner expresses a disapproving opinion on the subject of gay marriage – but if a group calls for terrorism and the extermination of gay people, then taxpayer money should be funneled to them! I think most people would consider that pretty homophobic and intolerant. And Rahm Emmanuel has a similar issue with his Chick-fil-A ban in Chicago. Even the Boston Globe is figuring out that these mayoral stances are the very definition of fascism, in addition to being as typically inconsistent as most other liberal fad policies of the day.

On a more humorous note, maybe gay-marriage proponents should consider pulling out of Chicago.

Mayor Menino to Chick-fil-a.