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That’s not good…


Can’t let Democrats look bad, right?

Interesting. In some sense that’s just allowing them to not solve the problem, but in another sense they’re very directly solving the problem. It would be cool to see this sort of technology just routinely integrated with existing skyscrapers around the world.

Well, Democracy was nice while it lasted.

As another set of elections get overruled.

Remembering Tiananmen Square

The protests were 28 years ago yesterday.


Democracy lost.


They should just remove all their policies on family management.

It’s still going on.

Popular Science has an article discussing China’s lead in rare earths. Most of the article is true enough, but what goes unmentioned is the entire reason for China’s edge: excessive legislation around the mining and handling of thorium, which is always found in conjunction with those rare earths.

If we clean up those regulations, we can be the leader again.

Warning shots on infringing Chinese fishing boats.

His non-confrontational policy is in fact affirming China’s assertions.

50 years ago this week, communist China kicked off a brutal genocide of around 2 million Chinese, just a few years after killing millions more in the great leap forward.

And Western leftists applauded.

Uh oh.

Did anyone expect them not to, other than maybe Obama’s rubes?

In the desert, where there’s no snow. Look for it to be as much of a train wreck as Sochi.

Want to bet they’ll promote how green they are?

Certain boron based compounds show promise.

On the other hand, the only reason we don’t develop our considerable rare-earth natural resources here in the U.S. is because they always come out attached to Thorium, and we basically require people to treat that stuff like it could be used to make bombs or something.

Excellent. I’d prefer it was us that built a LFTR, but I’d rather see the technology than not see it.

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