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For some reason, that wasn’t a big deal.


Predictable, and simply a continuation of their efforts to rewrite the history of which party is at the root of nearly all political manifestations of racism in our country’s history.

Chris Matthews is wondering how anyone on the right could dislike Obama, since he’s never done anything wrong – and concludes it must be ethnic.

As always, they immediately rush to blame conservatives, out of some misguided hope that it will finally be true:

All of these are despicable.

The Completely Biased Media:

Chris Matthews promises to help elect Hillary.

But not when the journalists playing the racism card do so.

Why are you so racist that you think every time people mention food stamps they’re talking about black people?

Racism From Chris Matthews

Imagine if a conservative had said this. Of course, MSNBC is famously un-diverse.

That it was Republican, even though it was almost entirely Democrat.


Barney Frank and Chris Matthews hold a discussion on just how evil Newt Gingrich is.

Journalism at it’s finest and most objective, I see.

And you don’t have to even add anything to their own comments.

Chris Matthews is comparing the GOP to the Khmer Rouge.