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As San Domenico removes their statues to be more inclusive.


First the Jews were purged, and soon the Christians will be gone. And then there will be no one to act as neutral brokers between the various tribal and sectarian groups of Muslims.

I’m glad that there seems to be at least a little bit of dialogue.

Given the left’s obsession with finding cases of Islamophobia around the world, I don’t expect this to be covered much in Western media, unfortunately.

One every six minutes.

Pastor Han Chung-ryeol in China.

Erdogan Seizing Churches

And the persecution of Christians continues…

Worth watching.

Obama’s Bias Against Christians

10 percent of the Syrian population is Christian, and they’re being actively exterminated by ISIS. Only 2.4% of the refugees from Syria that the Obama administration is accepting are Christian.

Let aside the differences in God’s personality that the two faiths project, Christianity claims God is a triune being with one of those thirds being Jesus, Islam claims God is a singular being.

Make them demonstrate their values of tolerance for Christianity.

Of course, none of this would be an issue if people had the freedom to refuse customers.

I guess the majority of Democrats are racist, then.

You know that’s true. I’ve written about this deranged bigotry before, and the latest Obama summit and state department initiatives are displaying it in full force:

Obama’s administration is covering their ears and shouting as loud as they can to avoid mentioning the word “Islam” so much that it’s gotten to the point of blatant ridiculousness apparent even to their own party. And they’re so deranged and biased that somehow they can proclaim theological expertise on Islam and that this isn’t Islam, but simultaneously proclaim that violence committed a thousand years ago was Christian.

Christian Revival In Europe?


Liberal Notions Of Diversity:

It’s okay for you to celebrate Christmas, just not where anyone can see you.

The International Day Of Prayer For The Persecuted Church.

That’s 6 years in prison.

School teacher in Florida bans students from reading the Bible during the “Free Reading” period.

Using the concept of separation of church and state to impose atheism on others.


I blame the multiculturalist viewpoint that western societies are taking. There’s some sort of twisted notion that because Christian culture is nominally in power in western societies, the oppression of Christian groups in the non-western world should be ignored.

Because it would offend Muslims.

The Worst Ex-President

According to Jimmy Carter, Christianity mistreats women as bad as Islam.