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Well, Chrysler just did.


Isn’t it convenient that all that bailout money Obama gave to GM and Chrysler can get used to purchase superbowl commercials without having to avoid all those campaign rules about advertising?

They’re back as a company? Good for them. Now pay us back our $1.3 Billion.

The final shares were sold to a foreign automaker, at a $1.3 Billion loss. But at least the UAW got their payoff, right?

When you consider how much taxpayer money went in to rescuing American car companies other than Ford?

Obama: Job Destroyer

The executive decisions he made on behalf of Chrysler and GM look to have cost our economy tens of thousands of jobs.

Chrysler and GM are going to need another bailout or they’re going to go under. Again. Wow, what a surprise! The unions loot two companies into the ground, the Federal government bails them out with taxpayer money, and they go on to do it again. Does anyone see this cycle stopping any time soon? It certainly won’t stop as long as the Democrats are in control – heck, they like channeling money to their union cronies, just look at the whole ACORN mess. Most republicans probably wouldn’t put a stop to it either.

Were the Chrysler dealerships chosen to be closed solely on their political donations over Obama’s campaign? Holy crap…

So I haven’t gotten around to making any posts about the whole Chrysler fiasco yet, mostly because there was so much written about it over the weekend that it took me a while to sort through it. Anyhow, here’s the gist of what’s happened: After Chrysler declared bankruptcy,  what really stopped the presses was the interest and interference the Obama administration took with the bankruptcy proceedings. Continue reading

Now Chrysler will join GM as an American car company who’s majority interest is controlled by parties who aren’t interested in the company making competitive cars, but merely employing people. Really, in a sane world, these companies would be allowed to die, with the profitable portions split off and either their own companies, or sold to competitors. Of course, the political might of the unions is too strong for the politicians to behave in any fiscally sane manner.

Hello socialism (of the fascist variant, if you want to get technical about it)!