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I actually agree with most of the social liberalism in that I don’t think government should be enforcing social values – but where I disagree is the idea that those values are therefore bad values. I think traditional family values are a good thing, and should be encouraged by society – just not by government.


For what? The class warfare shtick he’s been pushing the whole time?

And Obama’s closing argument also seems to be one final attempt to demonize the tea party. Just one, hopefully final, proof that of which side he stands on the uniter vs. divider bit.

Not so different from Jeremiah Wright’s speeches. Maybe he didn’t miss all the sermons.

Democrats are really considering Elizabeth Warren as their keynote speaker?

Trickle up poverty. But of course none of the people who lost their job were rich.

And yet most of the occupy movement will still support him rather than those evil, 1% supporting Republicans. And Obama will almost certainly continue to vilify large corporations and the wealthy.

Hypocrite: Liz Warren

And her Wall Street money.

Her basic premise is just wrong. Incomes have not been stagnant in the period she claims it has been – and her claim that income-to-debt levels has doubled is only technically true: falling income rates have meant that income to debt servicing levels have remained the same, even while debt has soared. And much of the reason why debt has soared has to do with the real estate bubble explicitly created by Democrats practicing the class warfare that she espouses.

The Things Elizabeth Warren Leaves Unsaid

While the left celebrates her justification for higher taxes on the rich, there are a few questions she doesn’t answer:

Does she agree with Obama that raising taxes is worth it if government income from the tax lowers – “for purposes of fairness”?

Even though he’s previously acknowledged that raising taxes in the middle of a recession is a bad idea, he’s seeking $1.5 Trillion in new taxes. And in point of fact, he’s threatening veto of any deficit bill that doesn’t contain tax hikes.

Was created by Democrats in the stimulus bill. That they’re trying to blame on Republicans.

When I find out how Obama goes clothes shopping, it makes me think that the “fair share” of politicians who are constantly trying to take increasing amounts of money from increasingly less wealthy families¬† (what is “the rich” now, has it dropped past $1 mil, $250 k, and $200 k yet?) is not nearly as high as it should be.

Claire McCaskill’s been dodging taxes on her personal aircraft.

Impound it and suspend her.

Democrats always smear Republicans with that class-warfare title. Once again though, it’s becoming obvious how much of a lie the whole charge was. Which party has members who are not only ultra-rich, but behave as the ultra-rich? If you look at the actual data, when have the disparities between the wealthiest in our population and the poorest risen the most, and when have they fallen?

The Telegraph is reporting that some of Barack’s richer supporters are suddenly suspecting they elected a class warrior who’s going to turn on them.

How many times did Barack Obama say that “for purposes of fairness” he had to raise taxes on the wealthy?

And realizes that they’re class warfare, and not going to help the economy or government in any way.

Don’t forget about the cellphones or energy bills guys! Those will hit everyone, just like all of the other corporate taxes – their purpose is to punish the customers of every industry Obama finds offensive.

To all of the media: When these taxes take affect, and you realize that they are bad and painful things, console yourselves in the fact that you elected Obama through extremely partisan reporting, even though he plainly spoke during the campaign of doing everything you are now discovering. So you can rest happy in the knowledge that not only are you suffering through higher taxes that are hurting the entire economy, but you violated your journalistic integrity and behaved like an idiot in order to do so.

Zimbabwe Seizing Farms

Of white people who opposed the government.

Don’t think something like that could happen here? Step one: get government into so much debt that only hyperinflation and massive financial seizures can get us out. Step two: Drum up sentiment that rich people aren’t paying their fair share. Step three: increasing the steepness of progressive taxes to the point where seizing existing property is only the tiniest step from the existing tax code.

Hunh, we’re making pretty good progress on all of those steps, especially California.