Of course this was going to happen. It was so obvious one radio host predicted it the day before hand.

Modern politics can be summed up best as, “the right thinks the left is wrong, but the left thinks the right is evil” and while conservatives try and argue policy, the left focuses on the ad-hominem lie of how much Republicans supposedly hate women, children, the poor, gay people, and minorities. Republicans are “nazis”¬†to be fought. With paid thugs. This has been going on and getting increasingly toxic for 25 years, at least.

And they¬†constantly fantasize about killing conservative presidents, claim they’re against violence (but wouldn’t it be nice if Trump’s properties were blown up), beat up conservatives on campus, and wish the violent aspects of “the resistance” were more organized. The violence is (at least tacitly) constantly encouraged. This shooter was radicalized by the left, there’s no more appropriate term.

Now here are some of the reactions: