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It was all based upon a junk dossier created by Obama ex-Administration members based on a meeting they themselves set up with funding from the Hillary campaign and the DNC, reimbursed and supported by Comey, and that they’re willing to perjure themselves over to maintain the narrative. Hillary Clinton certainly knew about it, even before the election. CNN also has several ties to Fusion GPS (the firm behind the dossier), and the Obama administration also had funneled money to them.

Meanwhile, the entire investigation is being run by Mueller and Rosenstein, who, along with Holder and Comey, were the main FBI agents involved in suppressing the Hillary Clinton/Uranium One scandal – which now seems to have involved more of the Obama administration, as well. Oh, and Comey had his letter absolving Clinton for her emails ready to go months before he read it. And by suppressing, that includes going as far threatening the FBI informant who was going to tell Congress about the whole thing. In fact, Trump stepped in to personally un-suppress that testimony.

Essentially at this point the entire Justice Department is looking suspect. Mueller needs to resign, and we need a special prosecutor for all of this. The FEC is stepping in to do some investigation,


Can’t let Roger Stone disrupt the careful Russia narrative Democrats have been pinning so many hopes on.

According to a new book by Clinton insiders.

Well, it’s certainly what the media has wanted to focus on rather than the details of Democrat misbehavior that have been coming to light.

If it was really about charity work, wouldn’t they have continued it?

Analyzed for it’s half-truths here.

You know we’re currently involved in 5 of them, right?

The Week In Clinton Scandals


The stealing from all of her small-time donors is particularly low.

The drug industry.

Ignore the scandals, let others follow up on that.

Good advice for any candidate, although Fiorina seems to be taking a different tactic and us working pretty well.

Appointed by Clinton. And glossed over by the press.

Democrats always smear Republicans with that class-warfare title. Once again though, it’s becoming obvious how much of a lie the whole charge was. Which party has members who are not only ultra-rich, but behave as the ultra-rich? If you look at the actual data, when have the disparities between the wealthiest in our population and the poorest risen the most, and when have they fallen?