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Where it’s worth remembering the 100 million that have died from Communism.

Meanwhile, Venezuelans’ socialist experiment has them eating their trash and zoo animals as they search for anything to eat.

Also, the New York Times ran a headline just a few days ago:

Happy Birthday Karl Marx, You Were Right!

No, no he was not. The entire basis of his theories is that someone is being exploited in any given exchange in the market, especially with respect to labor — and that is flat-out wrong. Any given trade in a free market is win-win, or both sides would not make it. Not only that, but pretty much every attempt to force a market outcome via political action – especially the types of political action his followers have espoused – has had disastrous consequences and shown just how much they fail to understand basic economics.


It’s a bit hard to do, but double most of the other atrocities you can think of throughout history and you start getting close.

Well, Democracy was nice while it lasted.

They don’t like people pointing out the atrocities of the left’s favorite ideologies.

Here are a few good reasons.

Today is Victims of Communism Day, commemorating the 100 million deaths caused by the ideology that useful idiots are marching for in front of the White House.

It’s still going on.

Forced labor camps (just like always), arresting the employees of any business that goes under, 1600% inflation, mass exodus, military-controlled food, food lines, looting, tanks turned on civilians, shortages of medicine and basic medical supplies, scapegoating of capitalism…and massive parties for the rulers of the nation, all in a country with some of the richest natural resources.

All while the left pretends that they didn’t gush over the steps Venezuela took to get to this state and ignores Venezuela as they seek to do the very same things here.

50 years ago this week, communist China kicked off a brutal genocide of around 2 million Chinese, just a few years after killing millions more in the great leap forward.

And Western leftists applauded.

He actually supports (or, supported) bread lines.

He doesn’t want to be called a Communist, even though he honeymooned in the Soviet Union and he openly praised Castro and the Sandonistas.

No, remember that he’s a Democratic Socialist (or is it National Socialist? It’s so hard to keep the terms straight).

The Core Delusion Of The Left

That central planning ever works better than markets and freedom. It’s an idea that has proven false as many times as they’ve tried it.

One plaque at a time.

Good for them. Communism is the greatest evil in history based on bodycount, and it’s managed to escape public scrutiny for far too long.

Just another reminder of how murderous and horrible environmental stewards the Communists were. And of course the environmental movement constantly looks to socialism as the answer.

Increased political repression.

Gee, it’s almost like the problems of Cuba are caused by a brutal socialist government that we shouldn’t help out in any way, rather than us…

Starving and being sold into sexual slavery is worth the price of escaping that hell hole.

No, it wasn’t. The very basics of Marxist theory rely on the flawed economics that economic transactions consist of some form of exploitation, and the entire murderous, genocidal regime that always results shows just what sort of force has to be in place to get the entire system of bad incentives to work even for a short amount of time.

And anyone who praises Communism is behaving worse than if they’d praised Nazism.

Photos of how bare their shops were, and what certain Democrats directly lied about.

He recently received several communist symbols as gifts while visiting Bolivia, and praising Morales for his socialist reforms. Just a reminder, the black book of communism lists the death toll at 94 million. Socialism is not an ideology of freedom and life.

He’s also recently bought into certain watermelon environmentalist views on global warming and the environment, urging for prayers for the UN Climate Treaty to pass, hypocritically railing against life-saving inventions such as air conditioning, and claiming we’re turning the earth into a pile of filth. Hint: socialists are way worse at the environment than the capitalists he’s complaining about. To further drive home just how wrong Pope Francis is on these issues, Bjorn Lomborg has yet another article pointing out that the policies Francis is espousing are most damaging precisely to the poor.

How Russians Lost The War

A very worthwhile op-ed.

The triumph over the Nazis is too often used to cover the horrors of communism.