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Awesome. This is the real step to lower cost to orbit.



A Yardwork Robot



I think this is one of those technologies that if it’s built will rapidly encourage other cities to build it, and if they can make ticket prices reasonably affordable, I would love to use it to visit far-off cities on day trips.

Sounds extremely promising.

With just a pair of special glasses. Very cool.

An order of magnitude or two faster, and much higher resolution.

57 stories in only 19 days.

Weren’t frogs the first species they worked with in Jurassic Park?


A robot that’s safe to handle, instructed (rather than directly programmed), and most importantly, not subject to all of the regulations and taxation that human workers are – which is the real reason our manufacturing jobs have all outsourced.

Private space needs private space suits!

It’s cool, but I think they need to work on their color scheme a bit.

Plastics as strong as steel, that is.

He was a boy of 5 and fell asleep on a train.

Looks pretty cool. And they say they’ve got some prototypes that solve some of the problems they show already.

The most unrealistic part of Snowcrash to me was that so few people wore ARG interfaces. I think the future is going to be much more like Vernor Vinge’s Rainbows End.

It looks like it’s finally going to happen. Nice.

Much needed!

This stuff. Neat.

There’s a couple of articles that have been talking about De Beers trying to transition to the industrial/entrepreneurial side of the diamond industry, in large part due to the promise of Apollo Diamond. It’s pretty cool stuff, and I’ve long thought that being able to lab-grow diamonds will make an incredible variety of devices just awesome.

There’s only one gripe I have with these articles: the diamonds aren’t synthetic. They’re real diamonds, just lab-grown. So stop calling them synthetic, and use a more correct term, such as cultured.

Testing Warp Theory?

The 100 Year Starship Symposium proposes how.