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Bad Advice Online

Any advice that tells you not to fight back in a dangerous situation.

The fact is, if you’re getting mugged, you don’t know what the full intentions of the mugger are. Going along with the intentions of the criminal are as crazy as the first two planes’ citizenry were with going along with the hijackers on 9/11. Oh, and other crimes were the popular narrative is “don’t fight back” have that narrative completely wrong, as well.


You’re only a criminal if you break laws that the left likes.

The DOJ’s Concerns This Election

They’re not concerned about voter fraud, nope. They’re only concerned about the people who would report such a thing.

70% of Dems think Hillary should stay in the race even if indicted of a felony.

They’ve known all along she’s a criminal, they just don’t care as long as she beats their political opponents.

They had a criminal on their hands that they just let go.

ICE Director says that Sanctuary cities increase the danger to Federal agents, but refuses to oppose them.

Hey, what’s a few deaths compared to achieving a political agenda, right?

It’s not just at the Federal level, it goes down to city control such as in Flint, Michigan, where the Democrats in charge have been poisoning their citizenry.

And it all boils down to the politics-as-religion mindset where Democrats are constantly portrayed as heroically fighting against the villainous Republicans – regardless of what the policy is, or even if it’s the opposite of yesterday’s.

Ah, the joys of socialism.


Ask how many decades it was since a Republican was in power there.

And if they don’t (as they won’t), will we finally see these goons go to prison?

The IRS just erased 422 tapes related to Lois Lerner’s emails.

Throw these people in prison already.

But they can’t hand them over yet. They need to “screen them for duplicates”.

20 years of declining violence, reversed in 6 months.

One Texas hacker has just had his case settled as a misdemeanor after being charged with 44 felonies that add up to 440 years in prison.

Welcome to another incident in Obama’s “post-racial” America, where race riots have been fanned up exclusively to get support for the racial grievance arm of the liberal political sector and distract from the very real solutions to Democrat-caused problems that conservatives are bringing up.

How has it been encouraged by Obama?

How is it race baiting?

Eric Holder was part of an armed takeover of a ROTC office by a black radical student group in his college.

I suspect all the buried stuff about Obama’s past is going to come to light after his presidency ends, and we’re going to discover he’s even more radical than many conservatives have been proclaiming.

The problems with society are that we need to teach murderers not to murder and thieves not to steal. Telling people to lock their windows and doors is blaming the victim.

Thanks to gun control. And gun control proponents in the U.S. are following the same path.