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The typical crony-capitalism that characterized so much of his presidency.


Trying to protect restaurants from having to innovate.

So it was all a lie to continue to suck at the taxpayer teat.

They want the pork.

When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.

Oh look, somehow they just managed to sell China 300 planes, without their taxpayer teat.

It’s a lie, the jobs they’re threatening to offshore don’t even exist. They’re just angry to lose their teat of taxpayer money.

But they won’t stay in Connecticut because the business taxes are too high. In other words, it’s cronyism all the way down. GE gets almost 3 Billion in taxpayer dollars and yet profits almost 15 billion. They don’t need the money.

Good. Make it dead.

The senators helping end this crony capitalist agency are: Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Ben Sasse, Pat Toomey, and Rand Paul

Disappear the particularly odiferous data.

This entire situation is a perfect indicator of each politician’s feelings regarding crony capitalism.

The new Treasury Procurement Chief, Iris Cooper, has a history of steering contracts to friends.

Another Green Energy Boondoggle:

Ivanpah is seeking a government grant to pay off a government loan, a move that would basically be government money into crony hands at Google and NRG.

Not a surprise to me. Did you really think that the woman who started her career by helping defend insurance companies against asbestos claims wasn’t merely a populist?

Of course it happens.

Maybe if they had to manage their own money, they wouldn’t have blown their travel budget the last 3 years by flying first class.

$135 Million New York dollars to GE.

Full of lies and false deductions.

But of course. How else is she supposed to grab all the low information voters? And note that while she complains about corporations she supports the import-export bank, which pretty much just subsidizes corporations of the largest size.

And of course there’s her history of helping companies avoid worker asbestos claims.

And maybe we can!

And hey, if it actually serves a legitimate banking purpose, then let it be an independent, privately owned bank.

The American Chemistry Council is dumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into making sure Eric Cantor doesn’t lose his primary.

They’ve never been involved in a race before.

29 of the 30 top Dow Jones companies have given money to the Clintons.

The biggest businesses all have at least some degree of a crony capitalism mindset, and, while there are Republicans who are crony capitalists, nearly all the Democrats at the top are, as well – if not more so.

I think the Republicans who have figured this out are only the tea-party members on the pro-market side, and the establishment Republicans on the other side who are trying to destroy the Tea Party. And the Republicans who haven’t figured this out don’t realize that they’re in the default position of supporting the pro-business community. Heck, even Obama’s pro-business.