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That’s a pretty good start.


Debt By President

It’s probably also worth doing a similar thing by party control of the branches of Congress, but still. Source.


Bush. Amazing. Somehow the responsibility of the debt is going to go straight from Bush to Trump, and the spending in between will be unmentioned.

You can’t keep spending forever.

Yup. But if they did that, then the U.S. would have to pay more on its debt.

The latest crises is that so many women going to school means so many women now face debt.

Well, something’s always got to be a crisis to exploit.

And is at it’s highest percentage against the GDP since 1950. And the median income is down 5k since 2010.

Well, Democrats have shown they’re willing to shut down the government rather than see even a reduction in the rate that we increase our spending.

Fiscal Year 2014:

A federal deficit of $589,185,000,000.

You can’t tax the rich that shortfall.

Instapundit notices an article on Elizabeth Warren’s student loan reforming gets overtaken with comments on things that would actually solve the problem.

At the heart of ballooning education costs are college administrations that are feeding off of the costs. Don’t expect politicians that have come out of that administration – Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama – to seriously seek to address the culture that launched their careers.

They were in debt after the White House, and needed the money to pay off their numerous homes and for Chelsea’s college funds.

The hard life of the political class.

Every 1 worker in the private sector is supporting 1.7 people in the public sector or on benefits.


They were seizing tax refunds of citizens who had relatives who owed debts to Social Security, but stopped the policy as soon as it was made public.

Whenever this sort of thing happens it’s a huge indicator in my mind that not only does some fascist bureaucrat need to be fired, but the department in question needs a good purging and downsizing. If it’s big enough to think that it can impose itself on Americans like this, it’s too big.

Not really a surprise, actually.

And Apple isn’t at the bottom of the ocean in debt, either. See, the private sector has this concept of fiscal responsibility.

An older article, but worth reading.

If you count it up the same way the Federal Government requires industry to tally their debt.

Free spending for everything except the military – which we’ve got to drastically cut. So whats this austerity we’ve been living under? Let’s see: “austerity” is doubling our marketable debt, and the national debt is now clocking in at $18 Trillion.

When Wisconsin’s Scott Walker took over from Democrats, the state was $3 Billion in the red. Now they’ve got $1 Billion that they’re going to be returning to the citizens.

Funny what happens when you control spending.

Thanks to the debt deal. And no, the deficit under Obama isn’t smaller than Bush’s.

Suppressed by our debt.

And that’s not even considering the crazy amount of unfunded liabilities that we have hanging over ourselves.

The Debt “Ceiling”

A graphic.