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It’s hard to tell.


The Illegal Immigrants are considered a critical component of future electoral success.

When the vote doesn’t go your way you have to dissolve the electorate and create a new one.

Look for the media to remain completely silent.

By 312 ballots after numerous recounts, in an election when at least 1000 felons voted.

Do you think we’d be hearing this all over the news if California voted Republican?

Can’t let Roger Stone disrupt the careful Russia narrative Democrats have been pinning so many hopes on.

Yet another Democrat who was a KKK member. The KKK was always the terrorist arm of the Democrats, formed after their side lost to Republicans such as Lincoln in the civil war, and continuing up through their celebrated longest serving Senators.

The San Juan Democrat Mayor had the temerity to stand in front of a pallet of Federal food supplies and claim that no U.S. aid was coming to the island. The reason the aid isn’t being distributed is actually that the local Teamster’s Union is staging a protest.

And not only is she shamelessly trying to gain political points over a false narrative, she’s blowing off meetings with FEMA to try and coordinate aid distribution.

Even though the media has been harping for months on conspiracy theories that haven’t produced any evidence. I think what they have trust in is that the media will continue to act as the main arm of the Democrat party.

It’s not the numbers they claim.


The disaster of Obamacare continues to unfold.

And remember, at this point Republicans have done nothing to it, this is entirely Democrats’ making.

One of the richest states, and yet the blue model of government is still driving them to bankruptcy.

It was American insiders!

Of course, if they really cared about all of this they would turn over their hacked servers to the Feds for evidence.

Because other illegal immigrants will be unwilling to come forward with information or something.

How CNN Voted Voters

The latest O’Keefe video.

When those witnesses might have evidence that runs counter to the narrative they’re trying to sell.

You can just keep scrolling.

As they still refuse to name the killer’s motives, and are trying to find other excuses.

He was a gay Muslim democrat who pledged his allegiance to ISIS, and they tried to blame conservatives, Christians, and guns for the whole thing.


Honestly, gerrymandering is a bipartisan problem. There are several solutions, but again and again we learn that we can’t trust the politicians to pick the voters.