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So they just don’t want border walls here.


Controlling the elective process to try and prevent the proteome from making decisions they don’t like again.

Not discriminating against Christians makes you “alt-right”.

Little revenue and no health benefits. Just elites trying to run people’s lives, with little effect but the hassle.

The latest organiser of an Honduran migrant caravan was just arrested for child rape.

It’s just killing them that Republicans made it so that wealthy Democrats can’t deduct their state taxes from their federal taxes.

Pelosi just announced a “Climate Crisis Committee”, right after returning from a Hawaiian resort.

She cares so much about the environment that she wants us all to pay for her climate sins.

Charlie Baker just signed a bill that requires Airbnb hosts to carry hotel insurance, be subject to up to 11% in taxes, and to not rent out their rooms more than 14 nights a year. In other words, the hotel cartels just killed off the biggest competitor.

Vote fraud.

But voter suppression is something that Republicans are responsible for, right?

It’s amazing how much faith there is in broken economic policies despite all evidence to the contrary. Kind of like Detroit, Chicago, and all the other utterly failed areas that Democrats have run into the ground. And somehow the answer is always more of the same.

The left made a science paper disappear because it didn’t explicitly agree with their viewpoints on gender.

“You will not be safe.”

Good. Forced membership in Unions was always a racketeering scheme to drive money and power into Democrats’ coffers.

While Democrats re-embrace their aspirations of it…

Which means that the party loyalists who maintained an undemocratic slight control on the more radical agenda that the rest of the party actually believes in are now losing that capability.

The left keeps on trying to claim that there’s some sort of anti-woman culture in the right, and we keep on seeing news like this.

I think the reason so many Democrats advocate for gun control is that they shouldn’t be trusted with them…

The constant amount of poop in the streets of San Francisco and murders through the streets of Chicago aren’t bad luck or due to external events, even though the mayors and other leaders oftentimes present it as such. Democrats’ own policies are the direct cause of all of this, and they deserve the blame. Even if you don’t blame them for cynically wanting such a situation, they consistently put forward short-sighted policies that have caused all of these problems as unintended consequences. If only someone who wasn’t a racist could have predicted this would have happened. And the same thing is true for pretty much all of the worst places in the country: Detroit, D.C., Baltimore, Ferguson…it’s hard to name a spot in this country that people consider one of the worst that has had a Republican in power within 30 years.


You know this would be all over the news if it was a Republican.