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Well, maybe that’s why the country did so badly on job creation the past 8 years.

Democrats Who Get It

Raymond Buckley and Jim Webb.

The way the Democrat party has been going the past several years, I assume they will be appropriately kicked out and shunned in short order.

I say do it, then.

That sounds like violent rhetoric to me. If only we had a media that would hold a Democrat accountable for saying something like that.

Geez. Not really a surprise, but still…of course, a great many Democrats think all the mass shootings we’ve had the past few decades have been right-wingers, and that abortion bombings are as frequent as jihadi bombings. The real count: there’s been about a hundred anti-abortion attacks ever, while Religion of Peace currently lists 30,000 jihadi attacks since 2011.

Time to deploy the Reid option.

But remember, it’s Palin’s crosshairs on districts to take next election that is inciting violence.

It is my job to shut down other white people

She’s right: it is un-American, in the form it’s taking. But the left has been increasingly thuggish the past several decades.

Bush. Amazing. Somehow the responsibility of the debt is going to go straight from Bush to Trump, and the spending in between will be unmentioned.

Democrats in Chicago acting as the “Republican” judge to make sure everything was fair.

There’s been a few times.

As always, they think they were clean the whole time and it was only their opponents who were dirty.

The Party Of Old White People

Democrat leaders average age is about 30 years older than Republicans.

Piers Morgan to millennials: get over it.

And Here Come The Riots

There’s already flag burning, vandalism and fires, walkouts, and we’re just getting started.

So who are the brownshirts the left keeps on insisting live on the right, again?

The DOJ’s Concerns This Election

They’re not concerned about voter fraud, nope. They’re only concerned about the people who would report such a thing.

In Philly.

They leave a big giant mess of trash.

We’ve seen this before. And this is how conservatives rally.

Swinging The Election