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Western Societies are changing in noticeable ways from the influx of Muslim refugees and immigrants. Some of those changes, like the return of rickets from people wearing burkhas, the random terrorist stabbing attacks, or the spike in sex crimes are values we shouldn’t allow to be imported.


Take a listen.

Then view the reactions. The identity-politics-driven left is not willing to help the largest demographic in the country, even though they’re the only ones who’s life expectancy is headed in the wrong direction.


Margaret Sanger’s dreams of all the brown babies being aborted is in full swing – and with full complicity from the race-baiters.

Until they start standing up and shaming the brutality in their midst, yes.

Kind of like how he keeps on punishing the rich with policies (like payroll tax hikes, gas taxes, or Obamacare) that end up hitting the middle class the hardest…

That’s certainly not the number portrayed. And of course they’re always listed as the most abused and slandered demographic ever – when Jews and, yes, Christians receive far more actual violence and threats.

Demography In Japan

They’re soon going to have a demography that nearly matches Palm Springs, Florida. Plus, anti-americanism and anti-humanism in the comments.

That’s a lot. Immigrants are fine, but is Britain making sure they embrace the cultural values of the British, or are they still emphasizing that multiculturalist junk? Because in a generation, 2/3 of all Londoners might think that Sharia is better than traditional English values of freedom and liberty.

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, and with winter coming on and the media starting to look away from the #Occupy movement as the list of crimes and mounds of poo get exposed, it seems like I should do so before too much longer. So, who is the #Occupy movement made up of? Continue reading

Demographers and economists are worrying about underpopulation.

People are a good thing. And one of the first signs that a political idea is off is when it claims any group of people, even just 1%, are bad.

Look at what’s happening in Europe.

On the other hand, some countries are doing something about it.

Which has some interesting ramifications.

The French people had better figure out what the future of France is going to look like culturally, before it’s decided for them.

Islam Will Conquer Europe

Unless secular and Christian Europeans start having more children. It’s a simple question of demographics.

Thinking About Cities

Urban size is no longer the key factor of growth – network connectivity is. And upward mobility is disappearing from many urban centers.

Prediction: the major cities of tomorrow will be the ones that focus on connectivity and have as few progressive policies as possible that restrict upward growth.