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Preached at mosques.


Is he referring to how they’ve been cutting their business taxes and regulations to the point where they’re higher in economic freedom than we are?

Denmark just passed a law mandating that the church marry gay couples.

A millionaire gay couple in the UK is suing the church of England for the same.

It’s tolerance! If you don’t endorse their lifestyle, they’ll sue your pants off, and make you lose your job.

All they do is cost jobs.

We need to kill the idea that government should or even can steer people’s lifestyles.

Ineffective, and bureaucratic.

Maybe. Let’s see if they’re any better at extrapolating themselves from it than any other country.

Bestiality brothels in Germany and Denmark. Definitely a sign of societal deterioration and moral decay. The difference between me and most social conservatives is that I rarely think government is the right place to fix these problems Рbut in this case of absolute brokenness, I think at least part of the solution needs to be governmental in nature.

A “Brain Dead” woman in Denmark didn’t die after doctors removed her life support, and woke up just as they were getting ready to harvest her organs.

And canceling plans for their sugar tax. Think any of the Liberal Food Fascists will pay attention?

It’s a better plan than most.

A group of guys who’s previous project was to build themselves a submarine are now building rockets that they intend to launch themselves into space with. Their first launch (with a crash test dummy) is going to be in the next few days.

Best of luck!

The fact that guys essentially getting together and working in their backyard can do this type of thing but NASA still spends billions of dollars to put anything into space exactly highlights my libertarian leanings.