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Carefully bypassing accountability.

And the majority of Democrats (the majority of citizens in Massachusetts) still approve of him just because of the (D) by his name. Disgusting.


Transferring 500 of his managers to the Public Employees Union, guaranteeing them 3% raises in January and October next year, and July 2016 and making them fire proof, and then pardoning 2 drug offenders and a would-be murderer.

Oh, and Martha Coakley immediately endorsed these actions.

Democrats’ war on women: Deval Patrick fired the woman who threatened to put Deval Patrick’s rapist brother-in-law on the sex offender list.

And what do you think the chances are of our Attorney General, Martha Coakley, actually investigating this?

Shrugging all responsibility.

Disgusting. He’s not even up for reelection.

Deval Patrick’s Legacy:

1/3 more spending in 8 years.


Deval Patrick and the software tax.

Just like Obama, he’s playing fast and loose with the laws. Almost definition, this kind of behavior is either Monarchism or fascism. I’d like a hard-line Democrat to explain why it’s okay for their leaders to ignore the law, and to please point out Republican leaders who did/are doing the same.

$35 Million.

And it’s your patriotic duty to support the president and his policies.

So says a study from the National Research Council.

But of course, the point of those programs is really political graft and kickbacks. And they’re great at that.

The solution? More highway spending, and highway tolls to back it up.

Yet again…

The answer is always more spending. And Patrick wants an extra Billion in taxes to fund it. And here’s what he’s planning on spending it on.

Democrat Transparency:

Deval Patrick refuses to allow journalists access to state parking records. Can’t let anyone see the corruption he allows.

Michael Graham points to a well done report that 1 in 3 residents in the Massachusetts town of Dorchester is on food stamps – a 74% rise in food stamp usage over the past four years while state unemployment has gone down some ~15%. And of course Deval Patrick and Barack Obama think that this is a success.

I get that the primary meaning that both Democrats have when they talk about food stamps is that there are poor people out there who could take advantage of the program but have not – but shouldn’t the goal of any leader be to get the people doing well enough that they don’t need assistance?

To advance her career. At least, as much as she’s ever likely to. Meanwhile, Deval Patrick has officially declared that Democrat voters are not to care about this issue, and Fauxcohontas has come up with another great story about who she is.

A known sex offender. Well, sleazy knows sleazy, I guess.

And the idea of putting photo IDs on the EBT cards is entirely novel to him.

He keeps on making claims about spending, taxes, and labor costs that just aren’t true – but that the Democrats of Massachusetts just let slide.

It’s nuanced because she doesn’t want to out and out say that she supports keeping illegal immigrants with previous crimes on our streets where they can continue to kill our citizenry.

How far left is she? Barack Obama supports the secure communities program.