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They’re Obama’s October surprise. He manipulated the data by getting government to hire a lot more part-timers, and some fuzzy math. Meanwhile, percent of people actually fully employed where they should be is still awful. And even the number they’re touting (7.8%) is still about the same number Obama was hammering Bush about his election!

Also notice that it’s the first economic news in a while that the media hasn’t prefaced as “unexpected.”


Anyone who spoke last night and didn’t fit that narrative was mysteriously missing from their coverage. And isn’t listed as a speaker on their website.

I think they blanked out those speeches because they’re racist and don’t like black people.

Here are some of the speeches they neglected to cover.

That the media is pretty much quietly just admitting exist. “Bush Lied” is a favorite quote of the left, and I think they’re just saying it as an accepted “truth” even though their justifying reasons have completely disappeared.

This is how in-the-tank for Obama the media is: they’re lying about how often they spoke with Romney.

Brad Lager, in MO, does not have the record he claims he has.

Honestly, we’d respect him enough for his real service. Why’d he have to go and try and inflate it?

More Fauxcohontas Lies

Apparently, before Elizabeth Warren decided that lying to gain affirmative action was the best way to get into UPenn and Harvard (confirmed and fraudulent), she used to fill out forms claiming her grandmother was white. We similarly know that the elopement claims were bunk, as were the stories of driving wagons out west in the land rush.

Now, many Democrats here in MA are saying that Warren’s stories of family heritage don’t matter (even though they were used to gain an advantage in her career). Fine. But what about her plagiarism and scientific misconduct? I’m not talking about crab recipes, but repeated instances of scientific misconduct accusations.

In related humorous news, she’s ditching her BMW for a Ford Hybrid to try and pretend she belongs to the middle class, she can’t remember the last woman to run for a senate position in Massachusetts, and we now know that Obama is similarly native American.

The document supporting her 1/32 Cherokee claims doesn’t actually exist, and the Boston Globe has had to admit that they were lying – intentionally. In point of fact, Elizabeth Warren’s ancestors were the soldiers who rounded up native Americans for the Trail of Tears. And while Warren hasn’t been forthcoming with any of the information, we now know that she made this claim through multiple schools including Harvard (In fact, she may have been hired because of Obama’s racist professor Derrick Bell), and definitely received affirmative action benefits for the fraud she perpetrated. Warren’s reaction to all of this? To double down on her claims.

It’s not too late for Massachusetts Democrats to go with a real candidate. The fact that they’re sticking with Warren shows that not only is the political class all hacks with complete and utter disdain for the electorate, but that the brainwashed electorate supports them even while they commit such slime, all for the sake of defeating the other side. This is probably the thing that disgusts me most about Massachusetts.

15 so far. And we now know that George Zimmerman almost certainly isn’t racist, and isn’t even white, but the media did their best to make him look so – so this is entirely on their heads. Don’t look to see these stories as widely distributed. And Democrats seem to have little interest in pursuing the groups responsible for the violence.

As always, it’s gorgeous cinematography. But the “On Thin Ice” episode talks about polar bear populations, mentioning that many of them are declining, and that they’re seeing many bears that are unhealthy. But somehow they completely neglect to mention that the worldwide polar bear population is up by huge amounts.

Representative Hunter wants to do so, to stop government from handing out lying numbers just to make government look good.

Of course. Hypocrite.

This story has had a couple of days to mature now, and there’s so many hilariously rich directions to go off of it.

All of this is to point out just how ludicrous this whole situation that the left/media/democrats are trying to paint is. The whole story is dishonest, from her background, to her math, to the very issue at hand. It’s a distraction to try and attack religion via healthcare and sex, and get the societal narrative away from Democrats’ horrible mismanagement of our economy. In the spirit of Breitbart, every aspect of this story should be completely attacked and ridiculed by conservatives.

Just to make it easier to report whatever the heck they want.

She’s got a net worth of 14mil, with 8 million in investments. But she’s not one of those rich people who’s got a lot of investments.

And I bet she hardly contributes to charity. Her idea of the wealthy paying their fair share is making everyone else pay higher taxes.

Blatant Media Bias On Display

Oh look, Rick Santorum’s developing a bit of a lead. Doesn’t he look like a bigoted murderer, and sound like he might be racist?

A compilation.

It was the year when all the scandals blew up and got exposed – Solyndra, Fast and Furious, the fraudulent bans on drilling, Obamacare waivers, shredded documents, and so much more.

And it was therefore, of course, the year the media gushed about how scandal and corruption free the Obama administration has been, is, and continues to be.

It wasn’t police brutality. It was in fact standard police operating procedure for clearing out protestors who have been instructed to leave – and video is publicly available of the protestors agreeing to be sprayed – and happy afterward. They wanted to be sprayed to try to legitimize their movement.

Oh, and that occupier from Seattle who claimed she lost her baby to police violence is a known drama queen who hadn’t informed anyone else that she was pregnant before she claimed to have lost it. Her family doubts the story, and the release of medical records to back up the claim has been denied.

Here’s some more of the damning things pro-AGW scientists were up to trying to paint a narrative of Global Warming. Things like getting PhDs of skeptics revoked.