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Avoiding jail for stabbing your S.O. as it might damage your career.


Islam says I can.

Why aren’t the feminists all over this one?

Boys know not to hit girls.

I realize, of course, that a PSA isn’t any sort of hard evidence. But the idea that the reason rapists rape, murderers kill, or thieves steal is because they were never taught that it’s wrong is pretty absurd.

Would the situation be the same if the genders were reversed?

Because of Israel, of course!

The NAACP’s War On Women

They compare wife-beating to jaywalking, and ask that Henriquez not be expelled from the Massachusetts House. And for once, I agree with the Massachusetts legislature as they overwhelmingly kick him out.

War On Women:

Massachusetts Democrat RepresentativeĀ Carlos Henriquez still working as a State Representative while doing time for domestic violence.

And yet you don’t hear about it because it’s not part of the narrative.

Idiocy and tragedy.

Guess which receives more coverage?

What was the reality behind “One Million Hijabs For Shaima”?

The Muslim husband beat his wife to death.

Because the citizenry is 100% behind their government corruptocrats, as long as they’re not Republicans.

Just a little something German intelligence had on him when he was head of the KGB.

In case you didn’t realize he isn’t a nice person.

Ah, Women In Islam

What a wonderful life – not being identifiable by even your husband unless you wear a veil. Being told you don’t have the right to refuse sex with your husband – or that it can’t even be called rape if you do

Fortunately we have so many Feminist organizations to stand up to Republicans and the right wing.

So why do Muslims keep doing it? Clearly all of the domestic abuse must be the fault of U.S. policies in the middle east.

Now what cultural trait could they be sharing that causes that violence throughout those countries…?

With artificial hymenssuch a threat to society that Egypt may have to ban the device.

Although I think at this point she likely wanted to be rescued. Too bad she had to learn the hard way.

Michael Graham and Bloodthirsty Liberal are both commenting on the most recent display of tolerance and peace activism by Cambridge citizens.

Jihad? What jihad? As usual, media organizations are doing their best to hide that the foiled terrorist plot had anything to do with one particular religion (of peace!) which just happens to have a hand in nearly all of the current conflicts and terrorism around the world.

Once again, western values (such as, you know, not beating your wife) are being thrown by the wayside and ignored in the name of political correctness and tolerance, and Liberals, the very groups such as feminists, who claim that they care about these sorts of things, are complicit in this cover-up.