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Hours after they blew up their nuclear testing tunnel.

I think he’s using the meeting as a carrot, and just moved it a bit further away.




The whole thing seemed rather pointless.

I saw a lot of fuss over abortion…which Donald Trump seems to mostly be mildly for, and it’s not an issue he seems interested in regardless.

I saw people very much concerned about LGBTQ rights…which Donald Trump is the most supporting Republican politician out there of.

Are there any issues they were marching for that weren’t bogeymen in their own heads?

That’s too bad. Now ask her how she feels about bakers having to make cakes for homosexual weddings.

Yeah, with the slugfest of the campaign and all of the celebrity deaths 2016 was in many ways a hard year, but there were some great things that happened as well. In no particular order, here are some of what I think are the highlights:

Well worth reading for a different perspective.

A First For Women

The first woman to ever successfully run a presidential campaign.

The left has no one to blame but themselves.

They seem to be doubling down on claiming it’s all bigotry, though. Which means their hopes for winning another election are increasingly smaller.


Or any of Obama’s other signature legislation. Make sure to offer a good alternative (here’s the last alternative offered). Yes, it’s a disaster, as the news cycle has been reporting the past few months – but make sure to show that Republicans have a different vision of American society than “not Obama”.

Yeah, it’s a shock, just like Brexit…which the market quickly recovered from. To really know how the market feels about this you have to wait a little while.

A couple of things worth re-linking.

Understanding the middle of the country.

Understanding why Romney lost.

The Boiling Point Of Society

As a conservative-leaning libertarian in Cambridge, MA, I think I’m fairly in tune with both sides of the spectrum, and I think both sides of the spectrum are reaching dangerous points in public attitudes, each in their own way: Continue reading

Cracked Explains Trump

Rather well, actually.

Internal Clinton emails confirm it, as I pointed out from the beginning.

If you think it’s possibly true, you shouldn’t vote for Clinton either.

Actually, lots of Republicans do

And many Democrats do not, because then it’s much harder to use the issue as a wedge issue.

Why do they keep emphasizing “uneducated” white male support of Trump?

I like this.

Hillary slurred several gold star families.

There’s no moral high ground between these two candidates.