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For some reason, that wasn’t a big deal.

As long as those customers are Republicans, and not gay people.

But remember, it’s Palin’s crosshairs on districts to take┬ánext election that is inciting violence.

Bring up the march for life occurring this Friday, and ask the reporter if he’s going to be as obsessed with that one.

Or something.


There’s been a few times.

But they’re fine when Obama did it.

In absolutely the same fashion Obama did.

Progressive groups vow to obstruct the Trump presidency.

Media yawnsMedia yawns.

Now we see just how differently the reaction is to a naked Hillary statue than a naked Trump statue.

Hillary’s “deplorables” comment is so much worse.

So why isn’t it?

Compare and contrast.

Just not for Democrats.

But it’s a mandate for the federal government.

Ann Coulter? Make it a meme. Elizabeth Warren? What salute?

The same people who championed Cindy Sheehan as having it are outraged that Pat Smith would say something similar against Hillary Clinton — even as they prepare to parade various Black Lives Matter mothers around at the DNC.

He golfs while important things are happening in the world.

That’s hilarious.

Remember how much the media cared when Obama banned 3 newspapers from his campaign plane?