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Wow, what a misogynist.

Really? And what about Rachel Dolezal?

22 people with terrorist ties spoke at one event, while just a short while later (at a different event) Elizabeth Warren spoke at the same mosque to basically autre the audience that democrats would help them oppose the right.

Ann Coulter? Make it a meme. Elizabeth Warren? What salute?

Champion of the people there. As always, “the people” she’s really championing are leftist cronies, and it’s directly against the actual middle class.

All in the name of protecting them, of course. That’s always how it is with big government solutions. Classic Liberal Fascism.

Elizabeth Warren has it in for Citigroup, one of Hillary’s largest donors.

Exploiting one of the same sorts of loopholes she’s always railing against. She seems to do that a lot.

Private lawyers can take advantage of the proposed arbitration rules to get rich — just like I did!

That being said, I’m still against it just because it’s being kept so secretive.

Always fun.

Even if the bureaucrats find that annoying.

It’s almost like the organization put together by Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama as a populist government control on industry in the name of “consumer protection” thinks that government should be all powerful and not bound by the same rules as everyone else.

Elizabeth Warren Cluelessness:

As she claims Jeanne Shaheen is running in Vermont.

What is it about Democrat candidates and falsified resumes?

Don’t answer that, I already know.

Not a surprise to me. Did you really think that the woman who started her career by helping defend insurance companies against asbestos claims wasn’t merely a populist?

Martha Coakley’s campaign staffers have been caught illegally coordinating with non-profits. Just like Elizabeth Warren practicing law without a license in Massachusetts, I’m sure we’ll see the various justice departments promptly investigate and enforce this lawbreaking.

Here’s hoping.

Coakley is a spectacularly bad candidate. People have rotted in prison because of her activism, while she’s deliberately ignored and protected Democrat malpractice.

As they kick out 9-time incumbent John Tierney, despite endorsements from Elizabeth Warren and the rest of the Massachusetts Democrat Machine.

Instapundit notices an article on Elizabeth Warren’s student loan reforming gets overtaken with comments on things that would actually solve the problem.

At the heart of ballooning education costs are college administrations that are feeding off of the costs. Don’t expect politicians that have come out of that administration – Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama – to seriously seek to address the culture that launched their careers.

Full of lies and false deductions.

But of course. How else is she supposed to grab all the low information voters? And note that while she complains about corporations she supports the import-export bank, which pretty much just subsidizes corporations of the largest size.

And of course there’s her history of helping companies avoid worker asbestos claims.

Elizabeth Warren still hasn’t answered basic questions concerning her Native American claim at Harvard.

Among other things she hasn’t answered for. Like what she was practicing, if not law, in Massachusetts.