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For about the cost of flying there using a commercial plane, too.

Elon Musk makes the future be what everyone always thought it would be.


Very interesting.

Interesting stuff.

I think the primary logistical issue that will have to be overcome with his boring company proposal is mitigating queueing time and space for the entrance and egress from his tunnels.


Pretty awesome. And they’re already up to 115,000 orders.

Awesome job!

This is a huge step towards lowering the cost to space by orders of magnitude by reusable rockets. It also will up the reliability, as rockets they’re flying will have flown before.

Pretty cool. Elon did say that he was going to have his engineers work on this so that the car could park and charge itself after dropping you off out front.

Space is hard. Apparently, however, the Dragon capsule survived the initial explosion, and only failed a little while later. They believe their upgraded Dragon would have been able to fly to safety and land.

So as failures go, even though it was a setback, they saw a lot of good failure behavior. This is also one of the big reasons they’re trying to get things to be reusable: so they can know a given rocket is reliable, since it’ll have launched and landed numerous times.

Close, but still not quite right.

Over at Reason.

Cool. Evacuated Transport Tubes such as the hyperloop concept could essentially make all cities merely suburbs of each other. Take one and 15 minutes later be in another major city.


I saw this article over at Wired, discussing how certain technology people, such as Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking, are worried about AI.

As a computer scientist who’s done a fair amount of work on machine learning, I can understand where those fears come from, but they’re misplaced. Here’s a few reasons why: Continue reading

He said the car could park itself, it just couldn’t plug itself in, and he’s looking to fix that.

Cool stuff. I hope the succeed. And I might join them, given the chance.

Maybe. He does have the cheapest way to space, he might as well take advantage of it.

Making it reusable, and dropping the cost to space by an order of magnitude. Nice.

It’s a dual motor Model S, with the second motor giving it not only all wheel drive, but increased efficiency.

And they’ve added autodriving capabilities to their entire line.

The Paypal Mafia. I didn’t realize some of those others were also connected to Paypal – and just about every other recent software company that’s made headlines.

Here’s another interesting article about Peter Thiel, who thinks that technology advancement outside of Information Technology has been slowing down. I’m not in disagreement – it’d be lovely to see the promises of Nuclear Energy and Aviation technologies resume the pace they had been at before the 70s.

Since they’re not selling Teslas, they’re not direct competitors, and so can’t force the car company to follow their rules.

Occasionally Massachusetts gets things right.