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Really? And what about Rachel Dolezal?


Full of lies and false deductions.

But of course. How else is she supposed to grab all the low information voters? And note that while she complains about corporations she supports the import-export bank, which pretty much just subsidizes corporations of the largest size.

And of course there’s her history of helping companies avoid worker asbestos claims.

Buy creating an agency that monitors our credit card transactions – without a warrant. Yet another way big brother is watching you.

Not a surprise. I think her definition is “population invoked for political gain”.

Like this dog-and-pony show.

The outrage! I’m sure there are some nice luncheons that they’re not inviting her to.


The Globe is describing it as “both candidates did well”. Meanwhile, Warren decided to double down on her Native American claims, and again try and hide her real history.

Less than stellar even before she got to Harvard. But politically correct, and that’s all they cared about. And what racial boxes she was willing to check.

That’s why, unlike Scott Brown, she’s raising most of her money in large, outside-of-the-state donations. And keeping that information quiet.

But if there’s any type of candidate Massachusetts voters love it’s a machine Democrat.

They’re all white. Well, except for the fake native American blood they all have.

Actually, that photo looks surprisingly similar to Obama staffer photos, and the MSNBC offices.

Elizabeth Warren asked to debate Scott Brown at a “neutral” venue of the Kennedy center, sponsored by Vicki Kennedy and hosted by Tom Brokaw. Scott Brown’s campaign said if Democrats were going to even try to pretend that was neutral then he would at least want a promise that Vicki Kennedy wasn’t going to endorse Elizabeth Warren, and that NBC wasn’t going to allow political ads. But Democrats couldn’t even promise that much.

That would just exacerbate her situation. Everyone knows what a complete hack she is about her heritage, and most of them are pretending to completely ignore that fact, as she is.

To advance her career. At least, as much as she’s ever likely to. Meanwhile, Deval Patrick has officially declared that Democrat voters are not to care about this issue, and Fauxcohontas has come up with another great story about who she is.

The Native Americans themselves. But of course, that’s just race baiting.

It’s not that she claimed she was a member of a minority when she’s not. It’s that she used that status for affirmative action purposes that’s so offensive.

The document supporting her 1/32 Cherokee claims doesn’t actually exist, and the Boston Globe has had to admit that they were lying – intentionally. In point of fact, Elizabeth Warren’s ancestors were the soldiers who rounded up native Americans for the Trail of Tears. And while Warren hasn’t been forthcoming with any of the information, we now know that she made this claim through multiple schools including Harvard (In fact, she may have been hired because of Obama’s racist professor Derrick Bell), and definitely received affirmative action benefits for the fraud she perpetrated. Warren’s reaction to all of this? To double down on her claims.

It’s not too late for Massachusetts Democrats to go with a real candidate. The fact that they’re sticking with Warren shows that not only is the political class all hacks with complete and utter disdain for the electorate, but that the brainwashed electorate supports them even while they commit such slime, all for the sake of defeating the other side. This is probably the thing that disgusts me most about Massachusetts.