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Sarah Huckabee Sanders points pout that she’s the first female and mother press secretary and yet isn’t celebrated by feminists.

She misunderstood a key legal term for her latest Feminist book.

How insulated do you have to be to think that men don’t cook?


These articles amused me recently – modern Feminists/SJWs complaining that:

So basically, the traits that humanity selects for to encourage the success of the species are now considered harmful in their eyes.

The TED talk given by Cassie Jaye. It’s pretty good, as is her film.

Moroccan woman gang-raped on public bus because her head wasn’t covered.

You shouldn’t label your pets with a gender.

I hope that’s a parody…

The Washington Post columnist who had driven her sons suicidal by insisting they admit their inherent rape culture participation as males.

It’s made up. 89% of colleges reported 0 on-campus rapes in 2015.

As feminists there tried to get it shut down.

I’m looking forward to seeing it.

Wow. Apparently feminism involves marrying 6-year-olds, beating wives who disagree, and claiming that women are intellectually inferior to men.

Growing Up Under A Feminist

It turns out, some resistance can be developed.

Good for them in resisting their mother’s misandry.

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.



Not a surprise to me. Especially since the feminists that seem to complain most loudly about negative language seem to never think the rules apply to their side.

One middle school is making students fill out privilege forms.

It’s all about the left trying to find excuses for why western society advanced so well that doesn’t have to do with freedom.

When Feminist Policies Collide:

Southwestern University just had to cancel The Vagina Monologues because they were written by a white woman.

Hoping for more just and equitable science and human-ice interactions.

And it was paid for by our tax dollars at the National Science Foundation.

The scientists who publish the data get attacked by the feminists.