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The New Feminist Art Form

Sing-Screaming. Not too different from the sounds they’re constantly making elsewhere, actually.


And it’s worrying students – as it should.

Just remember that the very people passing laws requiring that you get consent from your partner signed in triplicate are the ones who are always claiming they want politicians out of the bedroom. So now you know that they really don’t.

When you hear about an anti-rape activist who admits to rape charges.

Kind of like Lena Dunham.

Every day is ruined by sexist oppression!

As all-male marine units outperform mixed-gender squads.

Hey, the marines had a female instructor who told female recruits that they wouldn’t be respected by their male counterparts unless they could pass all the tests according to the same standards as the men, rather than any easier woman’s standards. And they fired her because that truth was offensive to some of her recruits.

Fine. I think us guys have a few things to say about “healthy femininities”.

Giuliani got rid of the pimps and hookers in Times square, and under DeBlasio, Times Square is now filled with topless girls and their ‘bodyguards’. And note that this is explicitly happening backed by a feminist movement of pride that’s celebrating this.

Once again, it’s easy to see what the results are for the policies and philosophies of each side of the spectrum.

As a side note, as a libertarian leaning individual, I honestly don’t care if women want to walk around topless or not, but I doubt that what’s going on in Times Square isn’t exactly the kind of exploitation that feminists are supposedly so set against.

The latest crises is that so many women going to school means so many women now face debt.

Well, something’s always got to be a crisis to exploit.

She was the head of female training at Parris Island and was fired after complaints from the other women below her. Their complaint? That she (admittedly bruskly) denied that the women could get by on their own standard rather than the tougher men’s standards.

They wanted special treatment, and she insisted that wasn’t good enough.

Well, 14 of the lies, at least.

Over at Reason. Worth reading. Would that the feminist movement got anywhere near as clear-headed as her.

Has anyone who’s calling for his blood actually bothered to listen to his actual statement and see if it’s just a tasteless joke rather than a statement he truly believes?

Too many choices in deodorants and kids’ sneakers is somehow an indication of American excess, or something.

Also, this bonus video of Bernie Sanders from the 1970s should play well with the feminist left.

Written 10 years ago.

The FDNY is allowing a woman who can’t pass their physical fitness test to join their forces.

Murder, mutilations, and horrific torture are okay, but they depicted a rape!

Hate Speech To Progressives:

Pointing out that the Palestinian groups they’re supporting execute gays, persecute Christians, and oppress women.

Or filming the bad behavior of feminist protestors.

Basically, it’s hate speech if they don’t like it, regardless of whether it’s true or not.

As a female group who doesn’t side with the feminist narrative gets banned from the Calgary Comic Expo for “harassment” that no one seems to have any evidence of.

The mere presence of a counter-narrative is harassment to the left.

Feminists have a strong influence in nearly every other form of media, and can’t tolerate gaming to cater to male audiences.

The Insidiousness of the benevolent sexism of men holding open doors for women.

Plus this: sexy cosplayers and Booth Babes being banned at PAX and E3 because they make certain people (i.e. the feminists) uncomfortable. So wait a minute, telling others how they should dress is wrong unless they’re prettier than you or something?