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Good for them.

No, semi-automatic weapons do not fire rapid bursts.

The Girardoni air rifle, 2 of which were purchased by Thomas Jefferson for Lewis and Clark.

So yeah, the founding fathers knew about “assault rifles”.

Harvard themselves. And you didn’t hear about the results of this study because it doesn’t fit the narrative they want.

Oh, and they also trace the anecdotal “U.S. has the highest industrialized nation murder rate” myth back to a Soviet disinformation campaign.

Guns == Civilization

A very good essay explaining why — there are only two ways to deal with people: force and reason. Because guns are such great equalizers, they reduce the chance that others will try to use force.

Even though it’s not regulated by any law.

I agree.

Getting accidentally poisoned is 51 times more likely.

The Firearms Industry. Because what use are your second amendment rights when you can’t find anyone who can sell you guns or ammo?

Life begins at conception.

Also: fracking is safe, the Keystone Pipeline would lower greenhouse gas emissions, genetically modified foods are safe to consume, and more legal guns means less crime.

Because the background checks are being managed by government bureaucracies.

They have their lowest murder rate in 56 years.

The 2nd Amendment In Action

For all the gun control proponents: what do you think the chances are that the punk with the handgun had it legally?

Arm the citizenry.

Yeah, that was one of the major points the U.S. was founded on. And it’s only tyrants, their supporters, and criminals who don’t like that idea.

Kerry Signs U.N. Arms Treaty

Trying to give away our rights.

Funny, he seems to love his armed guard. Why doesn’t he demand they give up their guns?

More Zero Tolerance Idiocy

7th grader suspended for “possession, handling, and use of a firearm” for shooting an airsoft gun at his own home.

Allowing 18-21 year olds to purchase handguns.

14 shots before it failed.

Since the 1980s.