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Their people are starving, but hey – can’t stop lobbying.

The ethics of foreign aid – taxpayer money spent abroad – seems quite dubious to me. Especially when we’re in debt.


Haiti’s Brokenness:

At least partially caused by the amount of intervention they’ve received.

And don’t forget it was one of the primary causes the Clinton’s “charity” focused on.

Most of the hospitals we built aren’t needed anymore.

I suppose that’s a good thing overall, but it’s still a waste of taxpayer money.

Why again is the Obama administrationĀ supporting illegally supporting Hamas with Foreign Aid?

Oh right, our president is an anti-semite.

For example, homosexuals are more important than starving Africans.

And we already know that they consider Muslims more important than women.

Your Taxpayer Money:

Funding advertising for food stamps in Mexico.

But somehow there are no cuts in spending to be found.

Remember, Obama Cares

As his administration just waived the ban on helping regimes that use child soldiers.

Here’s $25 Million to Madagascar’s Health Care System!

Actually, that’s better than most of our foreign aid spending.

Since 2007. Great.

Things To Do During The Sequester:

Pay the Palestinians $500 million!

John Kerry just released $250 Million to Egypt as a “good-faith effort”.

And we’re installing $60 million missile-proof walls in our Wellington, NZ embassy. Because that’s where the real threats come from.

Here’s a clear illustration of where Democrats’ approach to foreign policy is exactly wrong: While Egypt is rioting and burning our embassy, Clinton is trying to appease them by expanding foreign aid. Their solution is constantly to appease our enemies and ignore our allies.

Meanwhile, Rand Paul has a bill in Congress to cut off aid unless they actually behave like an ally.

Rand Paul has put forward legislation to cut off foreign aid to Libya, Egypt, and Pakistan unless they actually behave like allies.

Such as this hundred mil to Hamas.