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One of respect.

Good for him. Always classy to see people respect political opponents.



Fox News and Bill O’Reilly.

Exactly what I would expect from the Obama administration. Democrats have been consistently more concerned about the right wing than America’s actual enemies since at least the Bush era.

That Disgusting Fox News

They actually focused attention on the Texas fertilizer plant explosion that killed dozens instead of the failure of the president’s gun control bill. It’s like they’re not with the agenda or something.

So who are the idiots?

The Obama state department is complaining because a FOX news reporter showed up.

It’s the Liberal view of the world. If their political opponents would just get in line and go with the program and let them run things as they wish, then everything would be much better, right?

It took Fox less than 24 hours to find the mole Gawker hired.

As seen here.

And boycotts them. Not really a surprise when you consider who’s on their board, and their religious followers – who have a tendency to be religious about their politics as well, instead of using their head.

It is telling that at the same time they boycott Fox they approve a Che Guevara app. Once again, despite the protests of the left, it’s not hard to see how quickly they’ll throw away their principles to spite their political opponents.

They found out the details of the DOJ Lawyers his administration was hiding.

And The Winner Is:

Obama vs. Fox? Fox.

Obama’s Prioritiesly

Fighting Fox News? Yes. Fighting the Taliban? No – even though, as Jules points out, he inherited a viable strategy. But apparently doesn’t have the will to follow it through.

Time to get together for a love-in with your ardent media admirers and find new ways to blame Bush!

When you think of the president of the United States, do you really think of someone who pettily tries to take down a media company just because it doesn’t report him in a favorable light? Or someone who crows success whenever stocks drop on an American industry that he’s supposedly not trying to destroy, but just reform?

The obsession and ranting over the unfairness of Fox news for presenting both sides of the issue extends all the way up to the White House.