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Because they can’t provide enough security for the jihadi threat.


And how the media chooses to cover them.

Good for her.

Now compare with how the “feminist” government of Sweden behaved in a similar situation.

Given how we’ve seen the main media outlets here in the U.S. try and shape news with things like Journolist, I don’t see this going well.

10,000 Millionaires have left France.

So now the country is poorer and has a smaller tax base.

No civilian casualties. Good for them. Although it doesn’t sound like they got many ISIS individuals, either.

Obama On ISIS:

We’ve contained them

Not so much. They’ve metastasized through Europe, like conservatives were saying they were.

“With Open Gates – the forced collective suicide of Europe”

Apparently the truth is offensive to a lot of people.

My sympathies to the people of France. Fight back, by whatever means necessary. Hopefully this serves as a wake up call to the people of Europe that immigration without integration is invasion.

Obama says it’s too early to figure out the motives of the attackers (who are shouting “Allahu Ackbar” and that it’s for Syria). And he won’t mention any religion that might be shared in common with the attackers. Must be militant Christians…or maybe it’s Buddhists or Hindus…

An important bellwether of the health of a society – when an often persecuted people group decides to mass-emigrate.

One journalist decides to show just how bad it is simply by walking around Paris for 10 hours wearing a yarmulke.

Christian Revival In Europe?


British Publisher Oxford now banning pork and pigs from children’s books, while France is cracking down on “Hate Speech”.

Well, yeah.

Muslim-only zones where the rest if French society is kept out and Sharia law is the rule, of course it’s a problem.

It makes sense. It’s not just the attacks from terrorists, antisemitism has been building up in France for a while.


But Islam is a religion of peace, of course. Heck, this is just like all those assassinations that have occurred over “Book of Mormon” or “Piss Christ”, right?

Now is the time for France to show their character.

Here’s a link to the Danish cartoons of Mohammed that ignited the riots a few years ago. And you can watch the South Park Cartoon Wars and Episode 200 at the South Park site, which brilliantly satirizes the entire situation.

In “immigrant” communities. That would read Muslim if the French press weren’t cowardly.

2 Million French have moved out of the country.

A mandate for no work-related emails after work hours.

Huh, who would have thought? Yet another bankrupt socialist state.