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Because if he opened his data he’d be proven even more of a fraud.



And his department ends up with tons of credit card and bribery problems.

I think it’s a culture issue. Keep firing up the chainĀ until they get in line.

The Global Warming Slush Fund

Smaller countries are using “global warming” to explain the failures of their own policies, and get their hands on the money that larger countries are setting aside.

As Massachusetts arrests a woman for $3.6 Million in food stamp fraud.

They’ve been obscuring evidence for years that the song, “Happy Birthday” actually is in the public domain.

Great. Another government program built from the get-go to bleed money.

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Over the past couple of weeks, a few organizations have been reporting on large-scale scientific fraud being committed around the world: large sets of temperature records being drastically revised to support the claim of global warming, when the records show no such warming.

This isn’t new, and we’re seeing it almost everywhere climate science is involved. For example: by October of last year, 2014 was going to go down as the coldest year on record. Suddenly, in January, NOAA claims that 2014 was the warmest year on record – by cherry picking their data, and claiming that a number smaller than their statistical noise was significant. And we’re seeing ever more of this as the pro-global warming crowd tries to explain away or suppress news aboutĀ the hiatus.

All of this, of course, is to drive large-scale spending policies and drive political changetrying to prove a crisis exists that must be solved via their preferred political changes – even when capitalist solutions and nuclear energy would more effectively solve the very problem they’re concerned about.

Reason charts out the amount of improper payments benefits programs deal out.

Food Stamp Fraud:

$2 Billion in 2012, and they’re rejoicing because the fraud rate is only 3.42%

Only in government are those numbers worth celebrating.

None of the 88 professors who rushed to condemn the students were held accountable, several have advanced.


In Rhode Island. But I’m sure that the Democrat representative was completely unaware of her husband’s crimes.

Jeremiah Wright’s daughter was recently convicted of fraud.

Isn’t it amazing how many close connections to our president are criminal, and yet he’s such a virtuous gentleman?

And the same address.

But they really don’t seem to be interested in being a fair and accurate taxation agency anymore these days. That’s not what they’re about.

Among police and firefighters.

At least $3.2 billion, including hundreds of payments to the same addresses.

Clowns are running our government. And it’s past time for us to ditch the IRS in favor of something like the FairTax

Government integrity at its best.


Illinois only mis-spent 1.74% of their funds – $52 million – on their food stamp program! So they get a bonus $4 Million as an award for efficiency!

Imagine a bank or company that ‘only mis-spent 1.74%’ of their administered funds.

Meanwhile, Obama’s created 2 food stamp recipients for every job. It’s the America Democrats want.

Terry McAuliffe.