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They’re debating the first amendment, and all the media organizations claiming it’s about gay marriage are lying.


One more step in the decline of our educational institutions.

Calling a conservative politician a “Nazi slut”, allowed. Calling Merkel’s refugee immigration policy a “suicide pact” on Facebook – not allowed.


They deemed him intolerant and tried to punish him for that. He may be intolerant, but that can’t become a crime.

They want propaganda, not diversity and free thinking.

According to a new book, he and other Russian generals feel that there must be someone in control of the internet. They can’t understand the self-organizing aspect of it, and are trying to get at the topmost control they feel must be there.

As #StrangeLoop bans a speaker because he holds conservative opinions – which he had no intention of even discussing in his talk.

The new “tolerance” is banning anyone who commits the thoughtcrime of not agreeing with the self-proclaimed “tolerant”.

Just like Pamela Geller said, it’s censorship.

Of course they are. That’s always the rationale.

Norway just repealed their blasphemy law in the light of the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

As the Jews were being killed in Paris…were the Jews asking for it? Did they “bait” the jihadis? Were they “provoking” them?…This is a war…Now, after the Charlie Hebdo attack, and after the Garland attack, what are we going to do? Are we going to surrender to these monsters?

And she points out that if the media were willing to run the 2005 cartoons en masse, the jihadis would be forced to give up their censorship attempts.

Meanwhile, the Imams calling for her death and explaining that her speech is provoking Muslims to violence exactly make Pamela’s point for her.

Geert Wilders event in Florida cancelled due to potential safety concerns.

If Americans still valued freedom of speech, hearing this sort of headline would anger them into hosting Geert Wilders somewhere else, regardless of their opinion on the man.

Unlike what the NY Times and Gary Trudeau keep on claiming, there is none. All speech is hateful to somebody, and the moment you take the cowardly position of blaming Pamela Geller for what happened (such as Juan Williams did) is the moment when you think that Trudeau, the staff of the NY Times, and anyone else who ever offends someone should be attacked, just like Geller’s event was. It’s all the same, and discussing restricting speech even a little bit is simply a totalitarian idea to introduce a tool to restrict political opponents’ speech – that much of the left is growing increasingly fond of.

Surprisingly, there are still some journalists who get this.

Not that hateful:

But you wouldn’t know that if all you heard from was media that refused to show the content, while telling you it was hateful content.

The winning artist has refused to take any interviews that don’t show his content uncensored. Good.

The blueprints for 3D printed guns are speech, and so should be protected by the first amendment. And the second amendment.

Remember, this is just this past week’s incidents. Free Speech has been supplanted by politically motivated codes of tolerance.

Modern Journalistic Principles:

DeWayne Wickham, the dean of Morgan State’s J-school, claims that the first amendment ends at insulting Mohammed (or any speech that incites violence).

Maybe that means it’s time to get violent over government infractions on liberty – heck, the media constantly claims the tea party does the sorts of things that #occupy does anyway.

British Publisher Oxford now banning pork and pigs from children’s books, while France is cracking down on “Hate Speech”.

More terrorism.

This is where the rubber meets the road for free speech principles. And also for Muslim extremism vs. moderates.

Del Marsh.