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The TED talk given by Cassie Jaye. It’s pretty good, as is her film.


You shouldn’t label your pets with a gender.

I hope that’s a parody…

Researchers discover that, instead of women getting higher positions, men get hired more across the board.

So basically the need to be diverse is hurting men, and the sexism that SJWs classroom exists doesn’t.

Since some schools are allowing students to be addressed by their choice of pronoun, one student picks out a good one for himself.

As all-male marine units outperform mixed-gender squads.

Hey, the marines had a female instructor who told female recruits that they wouldn’t be respected by their male counterparts unless they could pass all the tests according to the same standards as the men, rather than any easier woman’s standards. And they fired her because that truth was offensive to some of her recruits.

Fine. I think us guys have a few things to say about “healthy femininities”.

A new study just confirmed significant differences between the different genders’ brains.

But political correctness says otherwise. We have always been at war with Eastasia.

Notice how they fly in the face of feminist/Democrat rhetoric.

Apparently, men are supposed to go all out of their way to think about the women, what they’re feeling, and how to encourage the women to go after all of the things more aggressive male coworkers may be grabbing.

The ‘white male privilege’ shtick wasn’t invented to foster a dialogue, it was invented to suppress it. You tell someone to ‘check their privilege’ because you want to discount everything they just said. It’s a Get Out of Thinking card.

Plus there’s this brilliant bit:

Also, Kira, how dare you call me a man in the first place? The funny thing about ‘cisgender’ is that you automatically contradict yourself the moment you use it to describe anyone. If gender is fluid, and if, in this progressive utopia, ‘male’ and ‘female’ are but select options on a three-dimensional spectrum which allows all of us to be male, female, neither, both, or some mixture, then you cannot ever confidently identify another human being by their gender. I never told you that I identify by the gender assigned to me at birth, so, by your own convictions, only a reactionary Neanderthal would be so primitive as to hoist that identity upon me.

On Nice Guys And Feminism

And the toxic reaction that feminists give guys who complain about nice guy syndrome.

As usual, reversing the genders of the reactions is quite illuminating.

As Instapundit points out, they’re only ugly lessons if you’re one of the feminists who think that biological differences are only the oppression of the patriarchy.

Another False Feminist Narrative

Actually, men are harassed more online than women. They’re just not as vocal about it.

Michelle Obama’s staff is 100% female

No hiring bias there.

Compare and contrast. I’ll also note that it’s quite possible to have a different opinion on abortion, and agree with her the rest of the article.

The dry-cleaning myth.

Democrats’ Genderhawks

Hypocritical feminist attack politicians. Is anyone who previously worked for Bill Clinton and John Edwards worth listening to when they talk about a “war on women”?

Not at all.

Not a surprise. The lefty position on gender and racial equality seems to be to attack white males, and give everyone else a free pass. Heck, except for engineering, women now significantly outnumber men in most degrees – and yet the types clamoring for gender equality seem to stay focused solely on engineering.

Which feminists don’t want to hear, of course.

Men and women are actually different!