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He doesn’t live there, and his campaign funding didn’t come from there.


Douglas Country, Georgia:

You have to remove NRA-branded clothing to vote because it offends other voters.

I suspect it offends the people running the polling station that you’ll vote differently than they want you to more than it offends the other voters.

Putin’s Next Targets:

Estonia, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, and Kazakhstan.

It would sure be nice around now if we had been encouraging and helping those countries to arm themselves instead of encouraging them to destroy their arms and refusing to sell them missile defense.

Five Years Ago:

Russia invaded Georgia.

Michael Totten gave a pretty good perspective on things.

Poland set to increase military spending by more than ever before.

Considering what Russia did to Georgia over “South Ossetia”, the “flexibility” Obama promised Putin on missile defense, and the mystery of the Katyn plane crash, I don’t blame them.

An excellent use of taxpayer money, that.

Russia almost lost power. Only an attempt on the opposition leader held onto it.

James O’Keefe is continuing his fine work of showing just how easily vote fraud can occur in Minnesota, New Hampshire, and of course a variety of other locations. The Democrat and Media’s solution to the problem? Lie about the problem, try and slander James O’Keefe, get him investigated, and put him behind bars with some of Obama’s election lawyers.

Candidly, of course, Democrats will admit that voter fraud is common – but from active Democrats the White House on down, they’ll oppose every law that could solve the problem, while the Obama administration continues to coordinate with voter fraud groups and Democrats are being busted for voter fraud in NY, Iowa, Indiana, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina

Or rather, his wife does.

The Truth About Troy Davis

In the wake of so much media coverage about a possibly innocent man getting executed, here’s a bit of truth about how possibly innocent Troy Davis actually was.

Serious allegations have been made that the Russians were involved in the bombing of the U.S. embassy in Georgia.

Remember how Obama went along with the narrative that what happened between Georgia and Russia was at all Georgia’s fault, and then pretty much rolled over and gave them everything they wanted?

With one shovel-blow as an elderly woman tries to steal some copper.

Oh look, another country he snubbed!

As I Think Link points out, it was only a matter of time.