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Scott Pruitt of the EPA did so. It’d be worth the rest of the left heeding his points as well, however.


Imported welfare dependents, wonderful.

Calling a conservative politician a “Nazi slut”, allowed. Calling Merkel’s refugee immigration policy a “suicide pact” on Facebook – not allowed.

The joys of socialism crossed with Merkel’s immigration policy.

Unbelievable. This is the horrors of a world where people think that all cultures have equally valid values across the board.

Punishing whistleblowers in Germany.

What a difference a few terrorist attacks and soaring sex crimes rates make.

Apparently certain categories of hate that fit the agenda are perfectly fine.

To the outrage of Turkey. Good for them.


The Muslim Demand to Germany:

Either end Octoberfest or stop doing un-islamic things like serving alcohol at it.

Remember, the new tolerance isn’t live and let live, it’s forcing everyone else to stop doing anything that is different than your culture.

Neat stuff.

Parents told to cover up their grade-school daughters so there’s not “misunderstandings” with the Muslim refugees.

The modern left: when Muslims are around, females need to cover up to cater to the Muslim culture; when anyone tells a female to cover up it’s time for everyone to walk around half-naked in a “slutwalk”.

Hmm, sound like anywhere else?

Remember, before World War 2, all of the fascist dictators were popular amongst places like Harvard.

More terrorism.

This is where the rubber meets the road for free speech principles. And also for Muslim extremism vs. moderates.

For the first time since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

They still haven’t been made accountable for their crimes.


U.S. Embassy official kicked out of Germany.

The analogies between Hitler and Putin, and Chamberlain and Obama.

Electricity has become a luxury in Germany, which many poor people cannot afford – and it’s actually causing them to output more carbon.