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And how it’s being used to limit competition.


Featuring a few people I know, actually.

I don’t see why they can’t at least make it so that after the initial registration there’s simply an easy and cheap way to renew the existing license, rather than pay the full thing each year.

The Fung Wah Injustice Continues

Solely because of government bureaucracy.

Even though they would save lives.

Government bureaucracy kills.

Even more ludicrous than the raw milk ban. The rationale is that wooden boards aren’t as sterile as metal…for a product that’s┬ámade by growing bacterial cultures. Idiocy.

A new slew of regulations on power plant emissions.

Mind you, the power source I’m in favor of would skate by those.

Thanks to the EPA.

Tell me this is the sort of freedom our forefathers envisioned for us.

Obama says we need regulations because banks are only in it to make money. And apparently he thinks that’s wrong.

Another Obamacare Mandate:

All hospital diagnostic equipment has to be handicap accessible.

And this bill is supposed to drive costs downwards?

He’s increased regulations so much that scientists are spending more time on paperwork.

If you want science to thrive, decrease the overhead. Minimal government doesn’t just make industry flourish.

More Crazy EPA Overreach

An agency desperately in need of reformation…or just razing and starting over.


The FDA just granted a monopoly to a company for a thousand-year old drug that used to cost $0.09.

It is precisely government interference like this that is why our health care costs are rising.

What’s The EPA Been Up To?

Let’s see, vindictively going after Texas, and pretty much punishing every other state along the way. Democrats (and their media) think that more regulations somehow help the economy, while the rest of us realize just how expensive this all is, while producing nothing.

In addition to regulations for the completely normal and plant-growing carbon dioxide, the EPA is also trying to increase ozone regulations, which actually can cause health problems for people. This would be good, except that we’ve already lowered ozone emissions to quite safe levels, and all that’s going on right now is us killing more jobs. Great.

The bans and regulations on plastic that the Obama administration is putting in place have no science to back up their environmentalist justifications. Once again hurting business regardless of reality just for the sake of ideology.

The SEC is going to bring more investigations to Wallstreet until the economy improves.


Dragging Us Backwards

The Feds don’t want colleges to use e-readers for textbooks. Apparently it’s discriminatory.

There’s a town in Minnesota that has made a law to jail anyone for 90 days who sells home-grown produce unless the home in question is inside the town limits.

Fortunately, there’s a lawsuit to stop it.

It was only in deep water and so hard to fix because the environmentalists mandated we can’t drill in shallow water.