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Domino’s. The market literally solves everything.


Neatly summed up via Computer Science math. I’ve known this for years, and am still astonished how many others in my profession still advocate for big government solutions in public life, while advocating for smart, decentralized control in their engineering solutions.

Officials that are desperately in need of a good tar and feathering.

Even though there’s a program that’s supposed to make it easy for them to not hire people with problematic records.

Enough to give every human in the U.S. 39 pounds worth.

It’s subsidies gone wild, and I would argue that it makes our cheese worse, as well.

Suddenly the left is interested in checks and balances again. Living in a surveillance state is a dangerous thing. So is living in an ideological police state. Journalists are interested in investigating scandal. The left is concerned about the wars we’re involved in. Separation of powers is a good thing. Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.

The left is going to hate living under the expanded system of executive overreach that they’ve built. This is all their own precedents. Maybe this time (who am I kidding) they’ll pay attention to the libertarians who are trying to explain that this is a problem regardless of who wields the power, because some day it will come back to bite you.

It’s 28% what it would have been had regulations remained at 1949 levels.

That’s right: if regulations hadn’t grown the estimate for the size of our economy is $53.9 Trillion instead of $15.1. Think how many issues we currently have that wouldn’t be a problem if our economy had that kind of money.

Hillary Clinton’s Guilt

And yet Democrats think the answer is more.

The Online Fascists

It’s not just Twitter that’s been policing conservatives (always in the name of “combating hate”). Buzzfeed does the same, and Facebook even teamed up with governments while it was doing so.

In a way, it’s funny that the left constantly worries about fascism while constantly embracing textbook definitions of it. I can’t figure out if they don’t know what the term actually means, or if they know they’re doing so but don’t actually mind the term, and just see it as a useful attack tool.

It was to get at Snowden. The person who leaked information to the American people, which is an act they consider treasonous. Apparently the American people are the enemy of the U.S. Government.

No, it’s not actually about encryption – that’s close. It’s actually about government trying to get Apple to install a back door that will bypass the encryption.

The IRS Scandal Reaches Day 1000

And still no one in prison.

We’ve put in place too many policies that protect the insiders without paying attention to the consumer cost.

The paper is here.


It’s time to get government out of marriage. Let people call what they want a marriage, and let government only declare family units.

As Massachusetts arrests a woman for $3.6 Million in food stamp fraud.

An EPA administrator in California flew home every weekend, amassing a bill for the taxpayers of $69,000, and accumulating who knows how large a carbon footprint.

Worth reading over at Nuking Politics.

While the tea party targeting was going on, she received $129,000 in bonuses.

They just voted themselves 300 pages of regulatory power that they didn’t let anyone see beforehand over the internet, to supposedly solve a problem that everyone admits hasn’t even happened. The push for internet control come directly from the top, from a president who once claimed that it’s irresponsible for the FCC to vote on regulations they haven’t made public.

A lot of people on the left are foolishly celebrating what they think will solve these imaginary problems with the internet. If the regulations had been developed with any sort of transparency, maybe there’s a chance there would be something worth celebrating.