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Good for them.


Gee, who would have thought?

Good for them.

This should be interesting.

Students are learning that the left and the media are more concerned about Trump than about jihadists. Hence sympathetic articles like this. That’s always the case – Democrats will team up with every enemy of America to try and take down Republicans.

Students also want to be able to protect themselves.

Pretty good.


As usual, they manage to be completely clueless about a subject while simultaneously assuming that their political opponents are even more clueless.

One death every three days? No. In fact, there were only four deaths from guns in New Hampshire last year.


He certainly doesn’t seem to mind illegal guns in the hands of drug felons.

It’s not the first time, I believe. Always counter-record the press. They are Democrats with bylines.

Since Republicans were willing to give Democrats everything they wanted if there was a due-process clause that would require the FBI to okay their ban with a judge within 3 days.

But Democrats wouldn’t accept that, it had to be all or nothing.

Stop trying to pretend that there’s one solution out that the other side is stupid.

Of course.


A firewall worth watching.

Why does the IRS have so many? There are now more non-Defense federal officials with firearms than there are marines.

Heck, the term “assault weapon” itself is a lie.

Of course not.

They violated quite a few laws. Lock them up.